Create Obstacle Option for Momentum

The option to Create Obstacles for an adversary is a little vague. I assume the character has to have a viable way to present such an obstacle and must explain how they intend to interfere with the adversary’s task. Are there limitations? Is it possible to utilize this in combat to increase the difficulty of an enemy’s attack on an ally, on one’s self? This occurs during the adversary’s turn I assume so any character with the opportunity can simply state their intent and spend a momentum from the pool to implement this hindrance?

Are these good examples?

A foe is attempting a ranged attack on an ally. A character in close range of the enemy announces they are lunging at the guy and screaming to screw up his aim. His regular attack of D1 is now a D2 by spending 2 Momentum.

A merchant is haggling with a character on the price of goods. When he rolls for his Persuade an allied character spends 2 Momentum and describes how he distracts the merchant by acting drunk and stumbling through the man’s shop. The Persuade roll difficulty is increased by 1.

A sentry is attempting an Observation tests to detect a pair of thieves sneaking by his post. One of the thief characters spends a couple momentum and states he is tossing a stone down an adjoining alley to distract the sentry. The thieves make their Stealth rolls normally but the sentry has the difficulty of his roll increased by 1 for the distraction.

Is this correct. It would seem that in most cases a character would be just as well off by spending a momentum to improve their own performance but in some cases where a ‘struggle’ isnt in play hindering an enemy’s roll is handy as long as there is a logical explanation for how it is done. Right?



This is one heck of an option, by Ishtar! I try to use it whenever I can!

Then the way I am describing it is correct? Instead of parrying one could use momentum to simply increase the difficulty of an enemy’s attack?

As long as one does it during the time difficulties are called, not after, its fine, I believe.

@rgrove0172 Yep sounds good to me. The narrative aspects to the spends are what really make this system shine.

So there is only a subtle difference between spending parry an enemy over using it to distract or otherwise hinder him.

I mean oviously parrying is more effective, if you roll well but you might not. This option is a sure bet to make the difficulty harder but perhaps only a small bit.

There was an official response to this question asked on the now defunct Google + page.

But yes, what your examples are suggesting above are correct. That response on the G+ also went into the timing off when that momentum spend was made.

Create Obstacle being an Immediate spend can be used at any time. You should probably rule that dice committed on either side must be simultaneous to avoid the GM and player trying to out-bid each other.

As long as you remember to use 1 momentum for giving you 1d20, and that 2 is used for Create Obstacle, you’re good. Just make sure that you use both of these BEFORE you roll.

A good thumb of rule to have is for the players to WAIT until the GM has declared the difficulty (if they WANT to declare the difficulty) and to spend whatever doom or resources they have first, before players go onto their spenditure themselves.

yeah. I can not find it in my archives now. But what lloyd said is the way.

The thread refers to timing, paraphrased below

GM sets initial difficulty. Players committee to roll. GM can up difficulty with doom. Players then spend momentum or give doom as required. Roll is made.