Robots and Hats: A modular solution

Just paint the top of your robot’s heads with a magnetic paint base and you can put magnets in some appropriately sized hats. You now can make any number of unique robots without needing extra models. This can be expanded for an eyebot that can become Ed-E on the fly and the automaton expansion options coming. Consider magnetizing joints and necks where possible.


Because every sentrybot needs a Captains hat


I’d love to do one with a captain’s hat. I’d also like to do a chef hat on a Protectron, as well as a couple with cowboy hats.


This way you can do all that and basic ones with 2-3 models. Pull the hat off and there isn’t even a seam.

But sometimes they need a top hat or baseball cap. Sometimes your Mr. Handy needs a bowler.

The only concern I would have with the magnets is cost. That’s going to create a fairly substantial cost increase for a feature many players aren’t going to care about.

For myself, I was actually thinking more along the lines of pinning. Drill a tiny hole on top of the head, tiny hole in the bottom of the hat, glue a little piece of wire into the hat end so it sticks out about the depth of the hole in the top of the head, then swap hats at will. Simple conversion and considerably less expensive.

Yeah, the magnets approach is REALLY nice, but I’m not sure it would be a good choice given the price that would be involved.

Hah! Now I want to give a Mr Handy a monocle and top hat, . . . .

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powdered wigs for protectrons

For the magnetic paint I don’t know, but on Wish you should find good amount of magnets for a buck or two :wink:

Magnetic paint is on amazon. :wink: