Recovering Stress whIle in a Scene?

I asked thIs on RPGGeek, but wanted to post here too.

Last time my group played through Act 2 of A Star Beyond the Stars. The crew took quite a few stress in an intrascene combat encounter. I could not find rules for recovering stress while in a scene ANYWHERE!

Are there rules to recover a few stress within a scene? I do know they recover between scenes. That’s all I saw anywhere. I let the doc patch everyone up a little.

Thanks for the input!

On Page 173 in the Core Rules you will find the Recover Action for Combat.

As well it should be. Pertinent example to follow.

The recover action allows you to spend Momentum to recover Stress, but as a houserule (because it isn’t always suitable), I sometimes allow a character to use a hypospray of stimulant or mild painkillers (Daring + Medicine), or some reassuring words (Presence + Command) to let an ally recover Stress equal to the skill used, +1 per Momentum (Repeatable). I tend to go with Difficulty of 2 base, so it isn’t immediate or automatic, but it’s a good way to get back into the fight in a prolonged conflict.

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It was after combat, before preceeding. The away team didn’t want to proceed while so near to their threshold.

Sounds like I didn’t miss it anywhere. Maybe a small topic for the Sciences book!

Plus the combat medic can do a first aid action, once per target per scene. Ops Division book.

This makes sense. In my real life experience, cracking a joke at an appropriate time can definitely reduce the stress and help everyone think more clearly.