Radstag Gore, Bloodbug Proboscis, Bloatfly Larva

IAre the weapon cards for Radstag Gore , Bloodbug Proboscis and Blood Spray & Bloatfly Larva included in one of the PDFs?

They are included with “into the wasteland” expansion only atm as those units haven’t had a general release yet. They might also be in the RPG but I don’t have that nearby atm.

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I see a PDF for Into the Wasteland. Would that come with cards? There doesn’t seem to be a boxed set by that name.

It does indeed come with cards for these untis and others (including some that are now in the Commonwealth wave), but they are all print-and-play.

There hasn’t been a physical release of Into the Wasteland, but it has been suggested by the devs that in IRL version may be coming