Quickstart - Daphne Rogers' healing ritual?

Hi All - I’m brand new to the game and the system. I’m wondering if I’m missing something about Daphne’s Healing ritual spell in the Quickstart. It just seems really useless.

It looks like it’ll take her, optimistically, 2-3 rolls to get through the ritual, probably more. Which will cost her a minimum of 2-3 dice of stress, probably more. Which, if successful, only heals 1 die worth of stress (so 0-2 stress) from the target. Is that right? I guess she can spend Momentum for additional effect dice, but there’s also the possibility of a miscast to worry about.

Meanwhile, a character like Sven can just “Catch Breath” to heal 4+Momentum stress (if successful) from his own track in one action with no real risk.

Why would Daphne ever bother with this spell? I must be missing something…

Related question - If Daphne rolls just one complication during the ritual, does that automatically result in a miscast and the penalty effects that go with it?