Quick Question from a Newbie re: Combat Momentum Spends

Hi. I’m making my way through the Star Trek Adventures Core Rulebook, and I have a question about the Combat Momentum Spend table. Can those spends be made using Momentum from the group Momentum pool, or are they limited to Momentum generated from the Task (or, if they are Immediate Spends, from the Threat Pool)? Upon first reading, I thought it was the former, but upon re-reading the Combat section, I now think it is the later.

Thanks in advance.

Generally speaking, I do not think it really matters where it is drawn from. It can either come from the already-generated momentum in the pool, or momentum generated from the task, or from giving the GM threat.

Any of those three options work as far as the combat momentum spends go (unless, for example, the spend must be made before any rolls like adding extra D20s to the task roll.)

I believe any Momentum spends can come out of the group pool, including Immediate spends.

Bonus Momentum, like that which comes out of the Talent “Untapped Potential”, needs to be used on the Task that generated it, and then it goes away.

From my understanding, momentum only ‘goes away’ if the momentum pool is full. Bonus momentum earned through talents, if not spent, can still be added to the momentum pool.

  • Immediate Momentum spends only come from the group pool or by paying Threat.
  • Non-Immediate Momentum spends require a successful Task and can come from the Momentum generated on that Task or the group pool.

Technically correct. In other 2d20 games such as Conan the rules specifically state that Bonus Momentum does not go in the pool. This is not explicitly stated in the STA rules. Some Talents say “this Bonus Momentum cannot be saved…” or more general “Bonus Momentum cannot be saved…”

So it is not 100% clear, but I use a house rule that no Bonus Momentum can be saved in the pool.

It is, actually: page 83 of the corebook, in the second paragraph under the Momentum heading, it specifically states that bonus Momentum cannot be saved.

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Even better then. I stand corrected.

Ok, It has been a while since I read those specific rules, so I guess I forgot about that. Not sure I like that rule, though. Will test it out and see how my players feel about it, and might toss that rule in our game.

If you allow bonus momentum to be saved, it’ll be WAY too easy to generate a full momentum pool…

Bonus momentum is generated by tasks that have associated momentum spends of their own. That is more than enough opportunity to use the bonus momentum

Ssiron, if you, as the gamemaster, don’t luke a rule, change it.