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Questions: Falling dmg, ammo

Is falling 3 floors down 3 CD or 4 CD? (sidebar vs text, p61)

Is there a reason that there are ammo text-boxes on the character sheet?

As a rule, specific rules superceede general rules. The side bar gives a 3CD for falling three floors and thus is more accurate than the generic rules about how GMs should evaluate falling damage in general.

As for ammo, in Conan we have weapons with a “Volley” quality, meaning that by expending ammo, you can get extra dice as you are shooting several arrows, possibly threatening different foes. In JCoM I don’t see these qualities so I understand why you wonder about this.

IMO, let the players spend ammo to aim for different foes (one ammo, one extra foe). It’s not official, it’s how I’d do it. Once the ammo are all spent, it’s gone and after the fight is done (but not during the fight -unless the player rolls a complication) the ammo is depleted and the character has to purchase some more Or just ignore ammo altogether.


Mebbe its for radium weapons.

No, I was told that it is for groups who play with ammo.

Like complications?

Or just counting the bullets…

It just depends on, how you want to play.

Counting every bullet is counter to the spirit of John Carter, IMHO.

By the way, should Earthborns be immune to falling damage?

I’d go by what the RAW says.

No, just becaus ethey can jump far and high does not mean that they can avoid damage from an unexpected fall.

As for Earthborn it’s because they can jump high up. But, for unexpected falls, I’d be with you and I’ll roll for damage (maybe you could mitigate it with an ability roll).