Unarmed combat for earthbound and large adversaries

A question concerning unarmed combat.It is mentionned that basic damage is one dice.
Is it correct for a punch delivered by someone with an average Martian?
But if a blow by an Earthbound like John Carter? or a monstruous punch by a White Ape?
Is it enhanced with momentum to add more damage dices?
Thanks in advance(I should run a session soon and I’m almost sure one of the players will ask ^^ )

Its generally 1[CD] for everyone. BUT you can take a talent (which is usually the answer to any JCoM question) to boost this should you so wish.

Because you can crush a minion with a hit you generally dont need bigger dice pools to model human strength.

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Thank you ! :grinning: :+1:

My pleasure.

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I would with and suggest the same as @Modiphius-SteveH , either have the player/NPC/beast take a talent which increases its unarmed attack or (assuming you are the narrator) you can always rule that creatures such as a white ape have a higher unarmed base attack.
Alternatively, you could always add a quality to the attack, such as Fearsome. I imagine being attacked by a white ape would be pretty terrifying!

As long as you keep it consistent across each session as to the base damage of a creature or NPC, the game encourages you to customise the NPCs/creatures to reflect the kind of game you wish to play!


Thank you :smiley:

Replying here as I was unable to post a new thread for my questions, my apologies I kept getting an “Access Denied” error each time I tried to post.

Working on character building and I have a question about Talents.

The character is a Stalwart Earthborn Panthan with:

Effect: Inflict +1 die of damage with swords and add +1 to total damage on successful attack rolls with that weapon.

Effect: You can always use Might for attack and defense and it does an additional +1 die of damage with attacks.

Effect: Gain a bonus d20 to attack tests while sword fighting and whenever you generate at least 2 momentum with a test involving a sword or similar weapon, you gain an additional Momentum. In addition, your blade gains the Fearsome Quality.

At the beginning of the Talents chapter, it states:
“For ease of play and to avoid confusion, you can use only one talent at a time. If you have two talents that affect your character’s ability to swing a sword, you can only use one at a time. You can combine similar effects into a single talent. Note that using a talent to change an attribute used before an action begins and talents that augment die rolls and tests are still allowed.”

So Earthborn Strength allows you to use Might with attacks, so my attributes used would be Daring+Might. This is confirmed in the latter half of the passage. No problem. However, let’s say I’m swinging by trusty sword. Does the later half of Earthborn Strength (+1 die of damage) also add to the +1 die of damage +1 damage of Who Dares Wins? Or would I use the Might stat for attack and the Who Dares Wins talent for the resolution of the action (as it does slightly more damage?)

I understand that when actually resolving the attack, I’d have to choose between extra bonus to hit (Peerless Swordmaster) or bonus to damage (Who Dares Wins). Just not sure how Earthborn Strength works with it.

Another Talent question:

Effect: You gain +2d20 in any Might based action, in addition any 1 minion retreats or flees from your presence. You may spend additional momentum to intimidate more lesser foes at the cost of 1 Momentum per additional minion.

+2d20 to ANY Might-based action? If, I for example, could make sword attacks with my Might+Daring (as with Earthborn Strength), would the +2d20 also add to such rolls?

Thanks in advance for any answers!

You can only use one talent per action. So you have to choose between WHO DARES WINS, EARTHBORN STRENGTH or PEERLESS SWORDMASTER. You cannot use both FEARSOME MIGHT and EARTHBORN STRENGTH at the same time, but the GM might decide that you may use Might in your attack.

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Generally you can only use one talent at a time if they affect the same action.
If two talents affect the same thing (So same action, or same dice pool etc…) you can only use one. So if two talents would grant you bonus damage, you can only use one of them.

If you have two talents that affect different actions, then you can use them one after the other. So if you have a talent that lets you use Passion on melee attacks, and then a talent that grants you bonus damage when you use a sword, those can be used together.

If you want the effects of two talents to stack, then its best to combine those as a multiple effect talent (Core book p.42). Multiple effects talents is the best way to gain talents that affect multiple things at once.

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If I understand the rules correctly changing the attribute for an action is not part of that action.
But what if the first talent does not let you use Passion but grants you a bonus d20 instead? Can you still stack them although they both affect the same action?