Question about the Tzenkethi

I plan on having the Tzenkethi feature heavily as a season spanning arc in my game. However, my primary source of reference for them is through Star Trek Online.

In the Alpha Quadrant sourcebook, you use artwork of Tzenkethi ships from STO, but your description of them sounds very different.

So you have any artwork of a different appearance of the Tzenkethi that inspired your description as opposed to the larger Turtle-like appearance they have in STO?

Also, will you be statting out their ships, as they were left out of the Alpha Quadrant book?

No current plans to stat them out, though I believe some of the fan sites have done so. As for artwork, use whatever interpretation you like. Since we don’t have a canonical reference, we used the STO art since we have a partnership with the STO team.

That the description was different was in the hands of the writer. CBS is ok with different interpretations since the STO and STA content aren’t canonical.

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They did, indeed. For example, check out the fantastic Continuing Mission Blog:


They used the physical description from the novels, which I am very happy about! If you ask me, the STO take looks like it was created by an 8-year-old boy. I think the book version is much more creative and unique.

Thank you for the feedback!

I love that blog. They do a fantastic job.

@Section31, I’ve never read any of the books, but I like the STO appearance. I thought it was refreshing to have a species thst didn’t just look like something based on a human with makeup.

I took a personal tack on the Tzenkethi - especially since they were never really dealt with in canon. I envision them as lizard-like, with four arms. Continuing Missions has them with one set of arms for strength and one for fine manipulation. I like this idea so I will include it. But I have changed the composition of their society. The specifics I will not mention here because my players may see them, and a GM has to have some surprises! LOL