question about the paladin in settlement campaigns

so I am about to start a campaign with a friend and running BoS, looking at the paladins standard equipment from his AI card the gatling laser is on it but that weapons needs strength 7+ which the paladin only get if wearing power armour, does this mean I cant use him until I have drawn a suit of power armour from the item deck?

Hi. The Errata/FAQ now mentions that on p.24 in the Campaign Handbook (Settlement Mode: Rules Adaptions: Creating a Force and Settlements, that the following line be added after “An AI Unit’s ‘standard equipment’ is shown at the top of an AI card.” add “Ignore any minimum requirements on Item cards.

Therefore, Power Armor must be found if the Paladin wants to wear some, but they can use the Gatling Laser which they have access to without the STR requirement. (They could also use any other weapons you have found/drawn. Also, as your roster of models is not fixed in Settlement Mode, you could choose not to use the Paladin until you find Power Armor they could use.)

Like you say, an unnamed Paladin needs to find power armor (whereas some Units like Paladin Danse and Aspirant Goddard come with their own). If you’re making a Settlement for a Brotherhood of Steel force, the context is that the BoS have started a new independent settlement rather than a military base so have it as bad as the other factions who don’t get automatic access to power armor either. Life is tough is the Wasteland. :slight_smile:

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