Question about dual wielding

Looked through the rulebook, couldn’t find mention of dual wielding except the blurb under Standard Actions on pg. 115.

If I understand it correctly, any player can dual wield if they spend the momentum to execute the Swift Action spend? In effect, a player using a shortsword (as the main weapon) could have a hatchet in the other and on their turn (if successful with the shortsword), spend 2 (or 1?) momentum to attack with the hatchet?

Or is there another rule pertaining to a dual wielding character?

If you’re using a single weapon, Swift action requires 2 Momentum to make a second attack. If you’re using different weapons in each hand (even if they’re identical), the Momentum needed is 1. My sword and shield character commonly does this, bashing an enemy with the shield (trying to knock them down with the Knockdown quality), then spending 1 Momentum to follow up with the broadsword.


Thanks for the quick reply and clarification, much appreciated.

Where is this in the book or is this a homebrew?

Corebook p. 115 “Standard Actions” -> “Dual Wielding”


Thank you, I’m not sure how I missed that. I’ve been allowing my players to give up their movement to attack with a secondary weapon.