Question about Aid and Dual Wielding

Hello, new to this forum but I couldn’t find a topic for rule clarifications in general. Sorry if this doesn’t belong as a new topic.
I’ve been running a Conan campaign for a bit now and we’ve essentially run into a conundrum with one of the social players. Can the Assist/Aid Action count as a tool/weapon for dual wielding and if it does, does it count as the same type as Steely Glare (a Threaten attack)?
My personal opinion is that it doesn’t count towards dual wielding but I’m hoping for some outside help to make sure I’ve been reading things in the core book right.

The Swift Attack / Swift Action Momentum Spend allows for 2 Momentum a second Standard Action.

The Assist action is a Standard Action, so this would be allowed for the typical Swift Action 2 Momentum Spend, and, of course, at +1 Difficulty, which will make it next to useless, as you only ever have 1d20 on your Assist action to add successes to the leader of the actual action.
That means, an Assist as a Swift Action would need to make a Difficulty 2 test to even add only a single success. Which means, the assisting character would need to roll equal or under Focus to even make this contribution to the main action.
Which is a waste of 2 Momentum for which the Leader of the action would have had +2d20 to roll on the main roll.

As the Assist Action is not a new or different form of ATTACK, the dual-wielding “discount” does not apply.

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You could do the Aid first, so only the 2nd action (I presume to be a Threaten) would have the +1 difficulty bump. It could actually be quite beneficial if the character has Wise Veteran for the OP reroll ability.

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