Q's about Challenges, Discoveries, and Improvements

  1. “Scientific Discoveries and Developments,” p. 157 in the core book, says that this kind of activity uses Gated Challenges. Maybe I am misunderstanding, but the example then describes something that doesn’t resemble a Gated Challenge, but is a bespoke process where players are tying to accumulate a set number of successes within a time limit. The example also is unclear to me, as the GM is said to set a Difficulty of 5, but the players in the example then accumulate 10 successes (two approaches with 5 successes each). Am I missing something here, or is this an error in the text?

  2. On the next page, the concept of Improvements says that uses the Extended Task mechanic, but again the example does not use this, but instead uses some form of Gated Challenge… despite the guidance right after the example for various improvements providing the various parts of Extended Tasks (e.g., Work, Magnitude, etc.). Again, did I miss it or is this an error?

  3. This section also talks about the GM saying the player gets one check “per story”. What does that mean? Per scenario?

  4. Has anyone used these in play? In particular, how has the “players pick three Focuses as they attempt to guess the right solution only the GM knows” thing worked out? I’m skeptical of this, but would love to hear how it’s worked for folks.