Noob GM question: What constitutes an "adventure" / "mission"?

This is probably a silly question, but I was wondering what - in game terms - constitutes an “Adventure” for the purposes of allocating the different sorts of milestone. What constitutes a “Mission”?

The text on page 139 (repeated on 293 pretty much verbatim) uses the phrases “at the end of an adventure” for awarding normal milestones; and “at least once every two or three missions” for spotlight milestones.

I’ve looked all around the book, but while there are definitions for “Scenes” and “Encounters” in various places (P.75, for example); “Missions” is less clear - with P.63 saying missions means “several things simultaneously”, and the rest of chapter 3 then describing types of “mission”.
If we take the first type of mission listed, Deep Space Exploration, we see it’s just “map the space you fly through” – surely that’s as open-ended as “Seek out new life and new civilisations”, and thus is no more useful for delineating when to issue milestones?

Adventure” doesn’t seem to be defined at all; is it just a synonym for the missions listed in the Duties section of chapter 3? Or are there a certain number of missions to an adventure? How many Adventures to an Arc?

I think mission and adventure are interchangeable terms in this case.
On to how many missions/adventures per arc is up to you and your u story-telling

During the editing phase, we chose mission - some of them weren’t caught. I’m sorry.

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Think of a mission (adventure) like the TV series episodes. Most episodes were one story, though there were a few stories that had two episodes. Take Balance of Terror in TOS. On TV it was one episode, but I played an old FASA Trek game based on it where it took four sessions to complete. I would call that one mission.

So a mission is a single complete story arc. A campaign would be multiple missions held together by a common theme/thread.

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