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How long is an "adventure"?

Rules question from a GM trying to use the Player’s Guide to get things started before the GMG comes out:

How long is “one adventure”? A ton of resources or rules refresh per “adventure”.

How many game sessions is that? Or “missions” (which are also listed / functioning differently?

I gotta say, this game is so very well written but this one this is giving me all kinds of grief in my planning.

Bump for any hope of an assist here?

Adventure and mission are pretty much synonymous, and an individual adventure is likely to last 1-2 sessions of play (assuming a 3-4 hour session), maybe longer…

…but, at the end of the day, it’s up to the GM where one adventure ends and the next begins. The end of the adventure is the end of a single story, or one distinct chunk of a larger story - an episode of a TV show or a chapter of a book would be reasonable comparisons. It’s vague, yes… but intended to be used by the GM as they see fit.


Thank you so much @Modiphius-Nathan !