Q'plah! A new addition to STA is coming

So… just occured to me… Presumably the command, science and operations divisions books are 100% compatable with the klingon core book?

Just picked up the PDF from the store (I generally buy the hardcopy from my FLGS) and have the preview version. I have only paged through, but man, that mustard yellow used for so many titles and text is brutal on the eyes. Especially on a the lighter background. The no background version is easier, but the textured version is just so indistinct. I realize things are pretty far down the line, and it is unlikely much will change on the color scheme. I hope a physical copy will turn out to be easier to see.

I’d also like to see some consistency in the hyphenation of the following Starship Talents: Rapid-Fire Torpedo Launcher and High-Resolution Sensors. Both of these should be hyphenated as they are both adjectives preceding nouns.

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BTW one minor pet peave of mine, we’re given a map of the empire but all the planet names are in Klingonese. It’s a nice touch for the handfull of people who can read the script but that makes it less useful for the more casual ones of us, maybe put a english translation in brackets underneath each world? makes it easier for me to point out to my players and say “here’s Quonos, here’s Boreth” etc

Great book…
I have only one question - Shouldn’t D5 Battle Criuser be bigger than size 2?

Looking over the mission profiles for Klingon ships made a few things stand out to me.

  • No Klingon mission profile grants a 1 in Command, Security, or Engineering.
  • No Klingon mission profile grants a 3 in Conn or Medicine.
  • The House Guard sounds like it is trying to be a Technical Testbed replacement (maybe).
  • Is there really a fitting mission profile for Klingon civilian transport ships?

Grab a copy of Stellar Cartography and support the other Star Trek licensees. There’s a lovely Klingon map in there in English. We got permission to use their Klingon map, so we used that one as the more evocative of the two. :slight_smile:


Great book. It has been a little while since I pulled my copy out and knocked off the dust. I totally forgot I had it. So the Klingon map is from/based on the ones in SC?

That is correct.


Don’t see why not. You’ll likely have to tweak the admiralty rules to adjust for the KDF vs Starfleet, but you should be able to use the division books content, even though Klingons don’t have the same divisions as such (at least from what we can tell from canon, anyway).

The plot component stuff in the various chapter 5’s could be used too, would likely have to adapt to account for the different roles on the ship. Ship’s cook would be operations or sciences, I imagine…

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I’m assuming this map is featured on the front and back inside covers? Why not translate the back version? Doesn’t seem like good practice to include content that is useless to customers without buying someone else’s product.

I like the idea of a pronunciation sidebar if there was space available. Would definitely add to the immersion of any games being run from this book

I really like that this has become a product, and the collectors edition is stunning!

The front endpapers have the Klingon map. The back endpapers have an updated Alpha/Beta map like the ones in the Starfleet core, with English labels.


Vo’n’talk is smaller than D5 and has size 3.

I think two of the weak points of the STA system were the advancements and the reputation. And this seems now much better in the Klingon book.

But regarding reputation, unless I read that incorrectly, it seems that only players are supposed to spend Glory and Shame. You should add/clarify that the GM can also spend Shame for a character. Otherwise the character could theoretically accumulate Shame without any serious consequences. It would be more fun if the GM was allowed to spend that Shame as well, thus creating hostile NPCs when it fits the story or even initiate a court martial.

That is, a D’k tagh in their back? :smiley:

Maybe not in their back because that would be dishonorable :slight_smile:
But if a superior officer has too much Shame, a subordinate NPC might indeed try to kill them. That’s allowed on a Klingon ship.

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The main effect of unspent Shame is to increase the chances of suffering more shame in subsequent adventures: the table on p132 covers this (dishonor grows if not addressed). It might not seem like a huge burden, but it can pile up.

But that‘s my point. What does ist matter if a character gets more Shame and ends up with like 100 Shame (besides role playing implications)? That‘s why I think you should allow the GM to spend the Shame for that character to avoid having players hoarding it.

And I think it makes sense, too. If a character behaves dishonorably, others will act on that.

I for one will play it that way. If an officer accumulates 5 or more Reprimands, it‘s court martial time.

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BTW is there any art of the Pach’Nom class in the book?

The Vor’cha is referred to as a destroyer in its own entry, but under the text for the Negh’Var, the Vor’cha is called an attack cruiser. In many previous works, it has been described as an attack cruiser. Is there a reason that it is called a destroyer in this game?