Player's Guide a joke?

Hey folks,

I am a huge fan of the Conan 2d20 game and I think that Modiphius did an AWESOME job with the game itself, even if the rules are all over the place and it needs a lot of flipping.

I really have a hard time grasping the idea of the Player’s Guide book, which unfortunately some of my players bought in order to play the game. It just lacks so many aspects of the game (sorcery, mounted combat…) which are important to players! I can fully understand my players being mad having bought the Guide, as they would have rather bought the Core rulebook itself for more money ,which they obviously won’t do now :frowning_face:

Just my 2 cents here. A great game, but I think this publication is not the best to promote the game. :confused:


I know where you are coming from. Being a kickstarter backer for this, I was mortified when I got my copies. Even older rules which were used for the beta got added. Case in point. Healing rules are SNAFU in the players handbook.

It’s a real tarnish. Personally… once they saw this… they should have fixed it, but it was to late after the print run. Someday, I hope they fix this.


I, too, have been surprised at some rules absences in the PH. But I got a couple copies to be used at the table during my games (not so necessary during this time of online pandemic play). They still have some use, but it’s frustrating when you’re thinking, “Oh, I’ll just look it up in here. Oh, wait. That’s only in the Core Book.”


I find the player guide useful, the group can use and abuse the book during leveling, leaving the hefty hardcover in piece and one piece. Rules that are missing are not that problematic… But I have reduced requirements anyway on that topic.

I see your point, yet I must say I evaluate the book differently, obviously. The thing is that my players bought the book and use it during the pandemic situation for online gaming. As I highly respect Modiphius’ copyright and company values, I am not giving away any PDFs or such - therefore, I can understand my players being upset that certain elements are missing, which would have altered their character creation choices. Of course it’s a nice thing to have for “real life gaming” at a table and spares the Core Rule Book from being damaged. But regarding the prices, I’d rather buy one additional core rule book for my group than two player’s guides.

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Totally agree. If players chip-in, core rulebook > player’s guide. But since I only invest from the groups I play with, I prefer not to stretch too much.

I really wished they used the same page numbers, or something. More than once I’ve wanted to tell players where to find something only to remember I can’t say, “Go to (this) page, left hand side.”

TBH I looked around on Ebay and found another copy for £10… gave it to a buddy as an early/late birthday pressie as I know he’s strapped for cash so he can’t even think about getting the core rules. I’ve not really read anything through yet but I did a quick flip through. I think that other stuff should have been in the PG as we regularly look stuff up as players to help the GM speed things up or keep the action/game going, rather than just sitting there expecting the GM to do ALL the work.

I’m thinking of getting another CRB. If I do I’ll invest in the deluxe edition tbh and let the players borrow the ‘Normal Edition’ CRB

Is there a “deluxe” edition of the CRB?

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The embossed front version

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