Plans for Updated Release of Player's Guide/Horrors

I know we’re probably a long ways away from this, but might there be future plans for an updated Player’s Guide incorporating all the archetypes, castes, etc. from the various supplements? I’ve been making my own expanded tables for random generation of characters but it would be great to have it all in one place. I haven’t used the online generator since I prefer actually doing it all with my own dice, pencils and the like, but it would be super useful if they could bring all that together in one book once all the supplements are published. Same goes for bringing all the foes together in an updated Horrors volume.

I don’t think this will happen, as it will invalidate a lot of the already released supplements :slight_smile:
From business perspective this does not make sense.

I also hate when the supplements add up in time and for games I plan to invest time I have Realm Works! :slight_smile:

Actually it does make business sense in that people who own everything else may still buy it for convenience. All the other info on campaigns, regions etc., would not be duplicated, just the stuff on castes and archetypes. Hell, they’ve already put out a completely superfluous player’s guide. Warhammer did a character career compilation for second edition and it was great to have all the careers in one place. All I’m saying is that I’d absolutely buy such products for sheer convenience, just as I’m sure some people bought the Player’s Guide for that reason. The greatest product TSR ever put out for their OD&D game was the Rules Cyclopedia, which simply collated everything from the basic through master’s boxed sets. If you build it,they will come.

To be fair. The rules cyclopedia came out very late in 2nd edition’s life span. At the point when it was released there were tons of different books. The business model that Conan seems to be following is more akin to Shadowrun. Many books each useful but none that duplicate information from other books (other than the afore mentioned player’s guide). I do understand the desire to have a players book with all the archtypes and talents collected but I have to agree with Valyar. It would invalidate most of the other books for anyone who isn’t a GM which is the majority of the player base in any ttrpg.

Actually the Rules Cyclopedia had nothing to do with 2nd edition AD&D. It was tied to the so-called B/X rules. And it did come out later. But even those of us who had everything bought it for convenience. I still think people owning all the Conan supplements would buy an updated Player’s Guide or whatever for this reason. And if they added just a bit more content, so much the better. I see your points, but I don’t think it invalidates the other books.

Anyhow, just expressing a wish, however fanciful. In the meantime, I’m making my own charts for random character generation using all the possible castes and archetypes as the supplements are released. If they even did a pdf incorporating these I’d be happy. In any case I’m planning on buying pretty much all the supplements because I like the game so much so they need not worry about not getting my cash. And seeing as they already did the player’s guide, I thought it might be a good idea for them down the road. And, as I noted, 2nd edition Warhammer did this just for the expanded careers from their supplements and it was great.

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