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Physical Rewards For Characters

Hi fellow gizzard-flingers, I was wondering what sort of physical rewards DMs were giving players at the culmination of an adventure? Is it mainly money to carouse with then the XP does more of the work, or are characters getting the odd physical reward, or two? If so, what sort of power items? My PCs have completed the Vultures Of Shem and I’m almost done with The Seethers In Darkness and after finding matey-boy at the temple and then being attacked in the crypt, he’s given them a tightly wrapped bundle of things before slipping away once more, which basically was my way of giving them some stuff but not having to decide what exactly it was until the next session. I wasn’t sure what sort of bits to give them, and I didn’t want to power them up too much to early, but I also wanted to reward them with something (or maybe just make it worthless, so they have more of a vendetta against wotnot who I am thinking will become an ongoing nemesis for them). I was maybe thinking of some limited use items which enhance their weapons for a limited time, or something. Just wondering how/if people have found giving such things out. Is there anywhere in the books that lists these sorts of things - I went all-in on the full PDF collection from the KS, but I’ve been busy and so haven’t had a chance to look thoroughly through all the books.