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PC wants to change his focus

One of my fellow PCs is an eldritch scholar with a determined focus who wants to train to be a magician. As far as I can tell from the rules, there’s no way to do that and also no provision preventing it. To complicate things, he has a pair of Determination Talents.

It seems like the sort of thing that ought to be possible but if there’s a way to do it in the rules, I missed it.

Any thoughts?

RAW, I don’t think so, but it’s your game. If the player is willing to burn up the extra Willpower gained from Determined, saying he lost that learning magic, and switch the two Determination Talents for Magic…again, say those were a psychological cost of learning Magic…well, have fun.
Also, Monster talents can be learned with the GM permission, so, it’s up to your group if your characters can have talents outside their focus…If all of you are okay with it, let him spend experience and such learning Magic talents…
This might open the door for other players getting turned into a Werewolf or Vampire, so…

Revisiting this, at Sunday’s session, the GM offered the player a 2pt trait called “Dabbler” that let a non-magician learn a single school of magic at only the most basic level.

I thought that was a tidy, realistic way to tweak the rules to let the characters do this logical thing.

I like that, very nice

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