Overland Movement

I haven’t found anything about travel over long distances. If someone knows where it is, please let me know.

In case it doesn’t actually exist, here my fast and loose homebrew:

Overland Movement
Distance travelled = [Endurance] km/hour
Roll Athletics + Endurance 2d20 to increase movement speed by one
Each complication reduces speed by 1 [minimum 1]
Additional complication effects at discretion of GM (radiation damage, random encounter, etc.)

It’s in the GM Toolkit, pages 9-17

Ahh okay thanks.

digs around for credit card

Yeah there is some useful stuff in the toolkit. Beyond the overland travel rules there’s the stuff for Reputation, Random Encounters and Building Locations.

Regarding overland movement, I noticed that there are no measurements of miles for travel. For instance, how many miles from Diamond City to Fort Hagen? I saw the overland travel info from the GM’s kit, but rather hard to use without knowing the distances from point A to point B.