Overcome weakness p275

“Ignore the effects of all instances of a single type of harm until end of scene”

I assume that means any you already had and any you get later in the scene.

Does that include death?
Epic fighting on while bleeding out. Then collapsing at the end of the scene?

Also for 3 doom i can do this with a nemesis…

Personally, I do allow this option to avoid death for player characters, but it’s something that may differ for different groups, so I’m happy to leave it to GM discretion.

For NPCs, it’s a bit trickier: if an NPC won’t die until the end of the scene, but the scene only ends when the NPC dies… I assume you can see the problem that might ensue.

If you want to apply it to NPCs, I advise coming up with an alternative point where the effect ends, possibly something the PCs can influence (maybe that sorcerer can’t be slain until you’ve dropped a certain piece of magic jewellery into that volcano), or some other duration that can end during the scene.

The full description is “Overcome a Weakness. A player character may spend a Fortune point to ignore the effects of all instances of a single type of Harm (physical, mental, etc.), until the end of the current scene.”

This is intended to allow a player to ignore Wound Penalties for the most part and at the GM’s discretion any other Effects related to that type of Harm (physical, mental, etc) such as Stun and Dazed, for physical, until the end of the current scene. I allow this in my game because a Fortune Point is a powerful spend and as such this allows the PC to power through things that would hinder lesser men.

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