Can a PC avoid damage with Doom?

In the exemple of combat on page 131 (right column, third paragraph) of the Core rulebook, the PC Athala pays 2 pts of Doom to avoid 2 pts of Persistent damage coming from the effects of the Chlid of Set’s toxic bite. The PC still gets grappled and suffer the 3 pts of damage from the non-effect dice results.

Do you know what is the rule used in this exemple ?

This use of Doom points seems very cryptic to me.

Hi. I had to look a lot to find it. It’s under Weapon Qualities. P.153 under Persistent X. It’s not in any tables that summarizes Doom/Momentum usage. “This condition can be avoided entirely at the time it is inflicted by adding a number of points of Doom equal to the number of the Effects rolled”

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That is similar to the Knockdown and Stun qualities, both can be avoided by generating Doom (or for NPCs spending Doom by the GM) equal to the number of Effect symbols rolled.


There’s a small handful of effects that can be avoided by using Doom. If you have a few of these in a combat you can expect your doom pool to jump significantly.

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Aha !

Thank you for your time and your work.

It is a very valuable information.