Impervious talent question

“…When you suffer a wound, you may pay 1 Fortune point to ignore that wound entirely.”

I am a bit confused by the wording here. Does this mean that you don’t take a wound, or you take the wound, but the difficulty on all of your test doesn’t increase by one step?

Clarify this for me, thanks!

The Impervious talent is part of the Resistance talent tree.

You dont take the wound is how I read it. You can always use a fortune point to ignore the penalties for wounds.

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That’s where my gut was leaning towards. Might as well give my players that. More incentive for them to use their fortune points, and for me to give them out more often. Something I’m working on. I don’t give them out enough. Core book suggest 1-3 an hour.

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EDITED - my statement was wrong as I didn’t pay attention to the context :smiley:

On page 275 core the regular fortune point spend allows you to ignore the effects of a Harm whether physical or mental until the end of a scene.

Overcome a Weakness. A player character may
spend a Fortune point to ignore the effects of all
instances of a single type of Harm (physical, mental,
etc.), until the end of the current scene

It seems either Impervious is a better version of the fortune spend that lasts past a scene or it eliminates the wound entirely. It is confusing to read though. page 78 core

Past injuries make it easier for you to shrug off pain. When
you suffer a Wound, you may pay 1 Fortune point to ignore
that Wound entirely

Maybe off of the fortune talent Better lucky than Dead we can go with that wording because it has an added sentence. The added “does not happen” is very important. page 90 core

Whenever you suffer a Wound or Trauma, you may spend
1 Fortune point to ignore it entirely. In this case, the
Wound or Trauma simply does not happen, though the
attack inflicts damage normally in all other regards.

Thought I had it all figured out. Could really use a Dev clarification. I feel like the fortune tree spend should be superior as an added incentive to go that route. But the wording is quite confusing for Impervious

My interpretation is that, while with Better Lucky Than Dead the Wound doesn’t happen (because you’re so lucky), with Impervious the Wound ‘happens’, but you can completely ignore it (because you’re that 'ard!) - and you can ignore it, not just for the current scene, but entirely.

“It’s but a scratch!”, Rogan shouted, pulling the spearhead from his arm as he threw himself back into the fray, laughing …

Another question regarding this talent : Does Impervious negate just 1 wound? if you’re hit with Intense & Killing strike, which is normally 3 wounds, do you only take 2 wounds or are all wounds blocked? If it works against Intense & KS this seems very powerful. What would be your ruling?

As written (and as I read it), it is just a single Wound that is negated.
If you suffer 3 Wounds, only 1 of them would be negated, you still suffer the remaining 2.