Orion Slave Girl Mastermind

Here’s my take on an Orion Slave Girl Mastermind. I’d love to hear some critiques.


Trait: Orion


I am Irresistable

Only Go After Those With Valuable Information


Control 10 Fitness 11 Presence 12 Daring 8 Insight 11 Reason 8


Command 4 Security 2 Science 0 Conn 0 Engineering 0 Medicine 1


Seduction, Persuasion, Stealth

Stress 13 Resist 0

Unarmed Strike 3 CD Knockdown

Disruptor Pistol (Ranged 5 CD, Vicious 1)

I See Through You- Spend a Threat to make a Difficulty 3 Insight + Command task. On a success, Zhivv learns one of the target’s values and can use it as an Advantage against the target.

Green Skin Writhing- When performing a dance, spend a Threat on a character who’d be attracted to Zhivv. That character must make an opposed Difficulty 3 Reason + Security against Zhivv’s Presence + Command. On a failure, the crew member is so obsessed with Zhivv, it takes a different crew member a Difficulty 3 Presence + Command task to regain the targeted crew member’s senses. The targeted crew member will do anything reasonable Zhivv asks him to do.


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Orion slave girls have pheremones that allow them to beguile males.

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Orion slave girls have pheremones that allow them to beguile males.

That doesn’t come up until ENT though, and seems like a ham-fisted way of retconning the fact that in TOS and DS9, the implication was that Orion women were frequently being sold into sexual slavery.

In TOS/TAS they were just presented as being exotic, attractive dancers.


On yeah. That was in a beta quad sidebar. I forgot to include it.

OMG you anticipated Osyraa :slight_smile: !!!

I’d swap Control for Daring and reduce fitness to 8 as they didn’t display physical feats during the episodes they appeared in. And reduce Security to 1 and increase medicine to 2 as they’d know about humanoid anatomy!

Trait: Membre of the Orion syndicate is a good defense against aggressive players.

Every time my players cross an Orion’s path, they go to infirmary and make an advantage treatment “I will not _ _ _ _ tonight” to keep instincts low, or use a space suit. So I will hide her race, with make up, disinformation, genetic manipulation until it’s too late.
An “induce Pon farr” potion against Vulcans just in case. In food,drinks or syringes
And use entranced or better blackmailed NPC, to gather intel or act. Keep the vilain away from the team, in the shadows.

Very much agree. A bit off topic but in my game I had a Green Orion Slave Girl use the Venus drug to cause some…trouble.

Man, I miss you Steve! I hope Valhalla received you and you are feasting with the Valkyries at this moment!