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Orion Slave Girl Mastermind

Here’s my take on an Orion Slave Girl Mastermind. I’d love to hear some critiques.


Trait: Orion


I am Irresistable

Only Go After Those With Valuable Information


Control 10 Fitness 11 Presence 12 Daring 8 Insight 11 Reason 8


Command 4 Security 2 Science 0 Conn 0 Engineering 0 Medicine 1


Seduction, Persuasion, Stealth

Stress 13 Resist 0

Unarmed Strike 3 CD Knockdown

Disruptor Pistol (Ranged 5 CD, Vicious 1)

I See Through You- Spend a Threat to make a Difficulty 3 Insight + Command task. On a success, Zhivv learns one of the target’s values and can use it as an Advantage against the target.

Green Skin Writhing- When performing a dance, spend a Threat on a character who’d be attracted to Zhivv. That character must make an opposed Difficulty 3 Reason + Security against Zhivv’s Presence + Command. On a failure, the crew member is so obsessed with Zhivv, it takes a different crew member a Difficulty 3 Presence + Command task to regain the targeted crew member’s senses. The targeted crew member will do anything reasonable Zhivv asks him to do.


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Orion slave girls have pheremones that allow them to beguile males.

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Orion slave girls have pheremones that allow them to beguile males.

That doesn’t come up until ENT though, and seems like a ham-fisted way of retconning the fact that in TOS and DS9, the implication was that Orion women were frequently being sold into sexual slavery.

In TOS/TAS they were just presented as being exotic, attractive dancers.

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On yeah. That was in a beta quad sidebar. I forgot to include it.