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Orion race PCs?

So I have watched my way through almost all of Enterprise, and last night got to the episode where the Orions try to capture Enterprise and take Capt Archer into the syndicate.

That got me thinking, yes Orions are great enemies. However, can they be good PCs?

I flipped through my pdf on the Beta Quadrant and saw the blurb about them as PCs, but it seemed a little short compared to other PC race write ups.

With that, is there any expanded info on making an Orion PC – either in an official write up or house ruled write ups?

Similarly, are there any good examples of an Orion PC floating around ?

Now, if you take Enterprise’s cannon of Orion females having pheromones, instead of earlier shows having them as simply alluring, how would a female PC hamper that effect ? Is there a chemical that counteracts the pheromones, is there a ‘deodorant’ the female can wear to limit it, is there something else ?

As a side note, are there any examples in any of the shows or movies of an Orion (male or female) in Starfleet ? I can’t remember seeing any, but like I’ve said before I have missed most of the shows, but I may have missed it.

In the campaign in which I play, we have a female Orion as our chief of security. They basically just hand wave it as her having made the choice to get some kind of implant that suppresses the pheromone. Honestly, it doesn’t really need to matter that much unless you want it to be a big deal.

There was Diora Baird in the 2009 “reboot” Star Trek movie.

Edit: And Rachel Nichols as Gaila in the same movie.

Ensign Tendi from Lower Decks is also Orion. There are Orions in Starfleet, just not a ton of them. Free traders, Syndicate, independents, all sorts of options. PC rules for Orions coming soon. I don’t recall an offical PC example out there, though the basics can be gleaned from the Beta book (page 110 gives you the attribute modifiers). For that matter, the Orions are also in the character generator app, and pick the talents that make the most sense to you.

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Is the super-pheromones a natural Orion trait, or is it something that only some of the females have as a result of some artificial process/treatment/drug?

Mat … med implant, that would work. Rgr on hand waiving it unless … But oh so often that ‘unless’ can be a fun part of the game … The implant starts to be less effective, or her body starts to get used to it and begins to compensate for it, and slowly the crew start to be effected discipline starts to have issues etc, is it her fault, or was something snuck aboard the ship by local orion black market to cause problems on the ship and make them less effective as the orions try and move a shipment of ???Or Starfleet gets intel on a black market and needs eyes on, who better than an Orion female security officer, but … she is going to need those pheromones pumping away. Things like that

L Mc … ashamedly going back into the shadows …

I had completely forgotten about that. The second I saw your pics I remembered it, and I remember watching the movie going "wait, is she Orion? Interesting, "

In my defense it was YEARS ago & I’ve slept since then :smile:

Mod, In my defense I’ve only watched 1 of the “Lower Decks” episodes when it was on youtube for free, so I don’t know much about that show.

Blockquote Free traders, Syndicate, independents, all sorts of options. PC rules for Orions coming soon.

NICE !!! Look forward to that !!!

HD, now that is a good point. That answers everything. Some of the Orion females are just alluring and seductive slave girls with skills, but no super pheromones (or with pheromones that have an effect but less than shown in Enterprise), that explains the Orions in TOS and the mentions in DS9 etc, and then there are the ones that are blessed with super pheromones that can dominate males, be the master minds from Enterprise and in the rule books. Yeah I like that option

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In this system, it also makes the pheromones a Talent that an Orion may or may not select. In theory, it may not even be limited to female Orions, but those females that use it to control others may be very opposed to male Orions making use of this.

I’d also point out that neither the Orion female boss villain in recent Discovery episodes nor the Orion female from Lower Decks appear to have any significant special pheromones.

To be honest, I try to block the reboot from my memory, too…:joy_cat:

…but even without that film as affirmation, I’d see no reason anyone from any species couldn’t apply to Starfleet. Some might need a sponsor and extra red tape to get in, but I wouldn’t think they’d bar anyone based solely on species.


In the TNG Episode “The Drumhead” (4x21), Crewman Simon Tarses was revealed to be Romulan rather than Vulcan by heritage and that he lied about the fact so as to be able to get into the Academy and join Starfleet. Upon its discovery, it was said that his career was over and that he could be facing a Court Martial of his own.

Given that, it seems that Starfleet may decline enlistment and/or Academy entry based on race.

While I agree that no one should be barred solely on race, it does seem that is a policy that, at least in certain circumstances, was practiced. I would think that a more thorough background check and most likely Starfleet officer sponsorship would be appropriate for someone who could have divided loyalties such as someone who is Romulan. Give the candidate a chance to prove himself rather than bar him from the door from the start.

Per the dialogue, his career was deemed over due to lying on his Starfleet application, not because of his Romulan heritage. He lied because he felt he would be seen as suspect, not because being a Romulan barred admission. Anyway, we already had Lieutenant Saavik as evidence that Romulan heritage is no barrier.

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I would female Orions allow the “Deltan Pheromones” Talent. As pointed out, it seems that this talent is optional. Similarly, Vulcans and Betazoids don’t all have the same level of telepathy.

That is not canon. But I agree, there are various non-Federation members that were allowed to attend Starfleet Academy, like Worf and Nog. I’m not sure that there are any political differences between Ferengi and Romulans.

Also, I’d like to point out that Simon Tarses did not attend Starfleet Academy, but was an enlisted crew member.

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Eh, they filmed it and never contradicted it. More canon to me than anything Star Trek: Enterprise put onscreen, for instance. Your mileage may vary. :cat:

Deleted Scenes are not considered canon, even if they are cool and make a character more interesting. Nevertheless, they can provide background information for your personal head-canon.

Can’t believe we forgot to mention this non-Federation species character in Starfleet:

By the way, it’s always cool when random people online take it upon themselves to lecture others about what is officially canon as if they are on the payroll of Paramount/CBS.

Right! There are more and more non-Federation members emerging. Also the Exocomp from Lower Decks comes to mind.

I just pointed it out. Sorry you felt that I tried to “lecture” you.

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I apologize; I inferred more than you intended and should not have responded that way. Live long and prosper. :vulcan_salute:


No need to apologize. :vulcan_salute:

Back to topic: I think even species from non-Federation worlds can surely be Federation citizens, like Worf for example. And I would think Federation citizens have no problems applying to Starfleet Academy. This could essentially apply to any species. Some baggage from one’s heritage makes the character interesting.

Also there can always to something like an officer exchange program to get a Romulan, Cardassian or even Jem’Hadar on board. Think of T’Rul or Mendon.

So with enough creativity on the GM’s and player’s part a PC from basically any species is feasible.


Given that Commander Saru from Discovery is a refugee from his homeworld and the only Kelpien in Starfleet I would agree.
Especially with the baggage from your heritage, some of the best RP can come from how your backstory interacts with the game (As long as not everyone has dark and troubled past… :wink: )

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I always thought race & federation citizenship to be distinct (see Worf). That being said: I always thought that any federation citizen could, in principle (sufficient grades at school etc.; see Wesley Crusher), apply for Starfleet (Academy) while anyone without federation citizenship needed a sponsor to be allowed to apply (see Nog). I think with completion of training (at the latest) this personnel would be granted federation citizenship. But that is not backed up by canon and there in fact are contemporary armies that do enlist non-citizens to their ranks while there are others that strictly do not and require citizenship prior to application.

As for STA-beta canon: I think that’s the way they’ve handled it with Capt. Azeri Sull of the USS Ross over at Clear Skies. :slight_smile: They also have a Deltan aboard who’s pheromones do not quite work as one would expect, if I remember correctly.

Oh, don’t get me started. There are players that mistake Starfleet to be a light-hearted always-do-good righteous lawful-good morally-unquestionable band of angels. Which would be boring. So their characters’ past is extra-dark and extra-troubled to “spice things up”… :frowning:

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Ah, PCs who would have been booted out of Starfleet long before the campaign even started…!

Oy vey to the Nth degree. :yum: