Has anyone run an Admiralty game? How'd it go?

Hello. I’ve been toying with an idea of a fleet being dispatched to a remote sector of space, and everything going wrong. I’ve read up on the guidelines from the Command sourcebook and I’m wondering if anyone’s run/participated in an Admiralty-type game.

How did it go? What might I expect as a GM?


I’d guess that’s a ‘no’!

I’ve run a game where the PC captain was a commodore in charge of a small flotilla of about 6 vessels, but the other ships were mostly bakground to the player operations. It really wasn’t on the same scale, and predated the Command Division book.

I have not, but you might consider why Star Fleet Command might send a fleet of ships to a remote sector of space, how they might try covering it up, or make up for the lack of ships in other sectors because they were pulled in to a fleet action.

I had my Crew leading a Wing in the “sacrefice of angels” battle to retake DS9. They had a lot of fun, but had only their ship and another one badly damaged surviving.
I’ll try to find my notes on that to tell you more.

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