Oooh Sorcery... My view on it

So… Where do I begin? Since the start of the kickstarter I have only dabbled with these dark arts! And knowing full well, that I will have a player who is determined to play a sorcerer, I now am reading dark tombs and and dusty manuscripts to understand the ancient arts!

Now, even with all the FAQs and the varied and wide spread personal opinions on how the mechanic works, and there seems to be lots open to interpretation.

Here is mine.

To make a sorcery roll…
Pay resolve,
Make a minor action, roll dice… Anything not a success is considered a complication. A 20 is two!!
If you do not focus, then “19 or 20 is an additional Complication.” which by the way it is written, 19 produces 2 complications and a 20 gives 3!!! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!

Next we need to look at is…Casting for Consequences

This DOOM Generating option is totally vile. “The skill test is made as normal.” But its marked against the total cost of all the spends a person has added to the spell but all other effects are as above. Here is the actual wording. “For EVERY Success AND Momentum the sorcerer fails to achieve a complication is leveled against them”

So lets say the total difficulty/cost is 5. D1 for spell, +4 momentum spends. I roll 5 dice and get 2 success total. In this roll I got the 1 success, and 1 momentum which is a total of 3 complications for the 3 momentum I did not get. If any of those dice are a 20, that is one additional doom for each 20. If I never focused than any dice that rolled 19, that is one additonal complication and if a 20, then 2 additional. Holy!!

As stated in another thread about the spell cap, which I intend to allow spells to reach a level above 5, then this will add some totally awesome game events due to sorcerer complications.

In my opinion, this is pretty darn close RAW, with the only real question is if there is a difficulty cap of 5 on the spell, which does not make sense as players would just always take max spends and roll vs a D5.

By removing any limit on the difficulty cap is the way I am pretty sure is the way I will go. Until officially told one way or the other.


I don’t think a 20 generates 3 complications, at least not how I read it (past tense, it’s been a while since I looked at those rules).

I am gonna go with @Inajira1 on this.

Failing to succeed causes a complication. With an additional complication being applied with a roll of 20.
No focus increases the complication band to 19-20.

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I was already to state my case, but reading it again prior, I think I can see your point.

The “Additional” is referring to the chance of it happening, not an additional complication.

Got it! Thank you!

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