Sorcery variant spell question

Hello, I love how sorcery works in Conan RPG! but I have a question regarding the spells.
For example in Crystal of Truth variation says: Difficulty (D3), includes Astral Wanderings and The True Tongue (2)
Does it mean that if I succeed the sorcery test (D3) the spell is successful? Or I need 2 extra momentum for the true tongue (2)?
I don’t understand if the included content needs something extra or everything in the description is included if the sorcery roll is successful.

Thank you

As far as I understand it, the Momentum cost is baked into the Difficulty of the examples. But I’m not sure what happens if you roll less Successes than the Difficulty. Does the spell fail completely or don’t you simply get The True Tongue?

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I believe, aside from casting with consequences options, that the spell would fail. Though I could not find anything in the rules that seemed to state it definitively. Makes you wonder why one would ever cast in this way instead of casting the base spell and adding effects with any momentum generated. :slight_smile:

I actually think I am going to house rule (assuming this is not a rule I just missed) that you have to add any effects up front (there may be exceptions) to adjust the difficulty. Seems more in line with Sorcery being dangerous.

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I think the main reason why the examples have the Momentum cost baked into the Difficulty is because of Casting for Consequences. Because if you cast for consequences, all Momentum spends have to be selected before casting the spell as they increase the Difficulty.

But I agree that if you don’t cast for consequences, it only makes sense to do a normal roll and select Momentum spends afterwards as normal.

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I believe the spell fails if you fail the roll, unless you activate the Success at a Cost variant.

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Yes that is how the rules are designed to work as written - the ‘baked-in’ examples are for illustrative purpose and can be used as aspirational targets for a normal casting (roll the base difficulty and choose your effects) or a hard target when casting for Consequences.