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One-shot adventure in Romulan Neutral Zone

Title: Perfect Gambit

Stardate is 49342 (mid 2372), Klingons are at war with Cardassians, Changeling spies are working behind the scene to put Alfa and Beta Powers in conflicts with each other.
Player’s roles: XO, security officer, operations officer and chief engineer.
USS Lacida’s crew, Nova-class scout ship assigned to guarding Romulan Neutral Zone is on short shore leave on nearby planet. Right after they are back on the ship captain ask them all to his ready room (opening scene) shares with them new mission orders received from Starfleet Command. They have to infiltrate Romulan space and scout one of the romulan bases. Starfleet Intelligence is convinced that Romulans in that particular base are testing new cloaking device.

In critical moment of the mission - their warp coil explodes and alert Romulan Warbirds guarding base and their tactical system starting targeting Romulan base with proton torpedos.

What is the catch?
Captain is a changeling spy trying to start Federation-Romulan war. He installed bomb on warp coil and virus in targeting systems. And orders are of course fake

Players are stranded in romulan system with damaged ship (warp coil can be fixed but it takes some time) with romulan warbird looking for them and changeling hiding on board.
They have to survive (of course) and find a way to calm Romulans.

I plan to put subtle clues about captain’s true identity (strange behavior, strange orders like level one sensor diagnostics before entering Neutral Zone) so they can uncover his identity before “big reveal” but I think they won’t do it XD

What do you think about my adventure idea?
Any suggestions?

Sorry for my English.

I like it! A Changeling trying to start a Federation-Romulan war sounds very fitting in this time period, especially since the other Changeling infiltrator’s plan to start a Federation-Tzenkethi war was foiled.

The Changelings may have picked an “unimportant” ship on purpose because they may think it is easier to fool a non-combat tested crew.

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That’s exactly my idea.

Is the captain still alive?

If the OP’s group wants to play again after the one-shot, clearly the next adventure should be figuring out that he/she is and freeing him/her from the Dominion!

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