The Dominion War: Behind Enemy Lines

Campaign / adventure idea. Starfleet Intelligence sends a ship to the Gamma Quadrant to gather information on Dominion subject worlds. When war breaks out, they are stranded behind the wormhole with orders to conduct a guerrilla campaign against weakly defended Dominion worlds to encourage uprisings. The players are massively outgunned, constantly hunted and must find a way to survive and make it back home.

The ship would likely be an old mothball or civilian vessel, heavily modified for their mission. No cloaking device.

Crew would be Starfleet Intelligence, Marine Raiders, and some 31 Operatives.


sounds like a fun idea. Could even have your players ship be a Q ship if you wanted to give em some teeth.

I’m intrigued by the idea, but I mostly feel that it’s necessary to note that a “Q-ship” is an actual thing: (typically a warship disguised as a merchant vessel) and is not related to Q of Star Trek fame. (I also don’t think the Federation would use them prior to the Dominion War, but if the mission is explicitly a Starfleet Intelligence mission, then maybe).


Starfleet Intelligence (or Section 31) might use them from time to time regardless of there currently being a war going. Before the Dominion War, there was the war with Cardassians, multiple conflicts with the Klingons, the Tzenkethi, the Gorn and a number of other hostile cultures.

Also, let’s not forget the Orion and Nausicaan pirates. A Q-ship would be a perfect ship to use in any setting involving either gathering intelligence from areas they frequent, or in an attempt to dismantle a rather nasty branch of pirates.

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And we see Q ships in Starfleet Battles. I like this idea a lot, as any Federation ship would draw suspicion, but civilian traders from the Alpha Quadrant would be expected.

and a Q ship would still need to rely on stealth etc primarily as in a direct fight they’d be SHREDDED. they’d simply have a suprise first punch

And that’s the reason the Starfleet does not use Q-ships.

Less of an offensive Q ship, more like a disguised intelligence cruiser.

Yeah, starfleet wou;dn’t used a Q ship normally, but Starfleet intelligence certainly would. especially as it’s not that ahrd to rig up, hell with Kira’s help Dukat managed to turn his freighter into a Q ship with materials at hand.

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But Kira was no Starfleet officer.

No, she was not, but in that episode she was acting as a Starfleet Liason with the Cardassians, if I am remembering correctly.

Q Ships are an awesome idea to slip into Star Trek in my opinion, either as the ship the characters use, or one they may come across in a possible hostile encounter. The Orion Pleasure Barge would count as a possible Q ship.

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That’s a really cool idea! I would be flying a D’Kora class though.


A joint operation between Starfleet and the Tal Shiar? Similar to the Die is Cast?

I love the idea of using a Ferengi D’Kora Marauder as a ship. I’d give it the trait ‘integrated Starfleet Systems’ representing the last refit with Starfleet Technology (a sensors upgrade in this process would definetly make sense) so that the ship would be able to use Starfleet Technology (including weapons like quantuum-torpedoes).

Of course, integrating Starfleet technology into Ferengi systems is in no way easy and this would be a constant source of plots tasks for the engineering team… :wink:

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That Idea is solid GOLD. Starfleet Intelligence, posing as merchants aboard a Marauder.

not relevant to my point. the relevant part here was “managed to turn (Dukat’s) freighter into a makeshift Q ship with materials at hand” implying that rigging up a phaser canon in a cargo bay should be drop dead easy for starfleet intelligence to do on a “as needed” basis with access to even a small outfitting facility

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Honestly, as a player, I might argue for this to work with the Modular Laboratories ship talent. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great campaign idea!
Refited Q-ship (maybe stolen Kareema Cruiser?) with Starfleet Intelligence crew and maybe some civilians (Wadi or Kareema defector? Lurian advisor?) stranded in Gamma?
Guerrila war? Raid on Pennal Moon? Looking for allies? Save heavens?

In Star Trek Away Team they used a small Starfleet ship that had a holographic cloaking device, the USS Incursion.

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I loved that game. Forgot about that. A holoship would work nicely.