Nuka-World Campaign Questions

I’m prepping a Nuka-World Campaign, and had a few questions:

1 - On p49 it says that once selecting a gang to be aligned with “They gain the Gang bonus as described below” and on p48 it says “or they may choose to ally to one of the three Gangs to gain a small bonus for their Force”. Then it describes running the campaign, and never touches on the Gang Bonus again - after describing how to run the campaign it rolls into the different scenarios. So what are the Gang Bonuses supposed to refer to?

2 - On p49 it also says: “Once all players have allied with one of the Nuka-World Gangs, players collaboratively decide between them which Region each Gang will start in. Then each Gang selects a Node within that Region to be their starting Node. Mark that Node on the Area Control Chart (pg. 51) with the relevant Gang. Each Gang should have a single Node they control at the start of the Campaign.” In this case is “Gang” referring to each player’s force as a Gang, or as the Disciples/Operators/Pack gangs? If members of the same Nuka-World Gang are working together, this is a bit confusing because says earlier that “there is no such thing as alliance when it comes to power. Each player is an enemy to every other player”

3 - On p49 it also says “f two players select the same Node, they must play a game against each other to determine which player will claim it.” Fair enough, that makes sense. But what if a player is just claiming a node with no other gang affiliated with that node? Do they claim it without having to play out a battle? Or do they have to battle against an AI?

4 - Like question #2, for “End of Campaign”, is “Gang” in “A Gang wins the Campaign overall by controlling the most Regions at the end of a number of Rounds.” referring to an individual player’s force, or the Nuka-World Gang that they’re affiliated with? With how the gang affiliations are set up, unless you have a divisible-by-3 number of players in the campaign, it seems like the gang with the fewest players will be at a disadvantage (or the gang with the most players has an advantage) because Node attacks are selected on a per-player basis. Is that correct and intentional, or is there something I’m missing there?