NPC Special Abilities

Is it customary to assign “Talents” to NPCs or should the GM just create special abilities for them instead? I notice the various published NPCs have their own distinct special abilities, I assume these are in lieu of talents?

Although I suppose browsing through the Talent trees can provide good inspiration for special abilities assigned to NPCs.

Nothing prevents you from assigning PC talents to NPCs. I create distinct special abilities and add talents for Nemesis characters and for the rest it depends on what I want to throw against the party.

The amount of talents and the special abilities depend on the challenge I want my players to experience. In contrast to other systems here we don’t have streamlined mathematics for monster/npc generation (which is good)


No reason you can’t give talents to NPCs if you want to make them a bit more interesting. Bear in mind that NPCs do work slightly differently with regards to some rules, so some talents may not fit them properly, but also that NPCs get less “screen time” than PCs, so you can actually justify giving them more potent abilities because they won’t generally be around that long.

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For me it depends heavily on the NPC. For a valuable/important NPC I will often build them as if they are a character giving them xp to spend similar to wherever makes sense or to put them on par with the players. Then again, I just really enjoy the character creation process in this game. I usually reserve special abilities that aren’t available to the players for non-humans.

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