Not all measurement is the same, what is the right way?

. . For a beginner of the game it is not easy to recognise which situations or effects of these situations are measured correctly.
If I understand correctly, coloured circles are always measured from the centre of a Base and from the centre of the ruler (look at page 46 Rule of Play).
1). This means that Search, Awareness, Charisma, Presence and all other circles are measured from the centre of a Base and from the centre of the ruler (right?).

2). For example: When I throw a grenade, or when I make a Battlecry, a round coloured icon is displayed. Should the centre of the base and the ruler then be used?

3). Or for example Presence. How do I measure the “one Lenght” and “Two Lenghts”? Presence uses a round icon.

That confuses me. But it could also be that I haven’t understood a lot of things yet. Therefore, I would like to ask another question here:
Is there an overview table of all measurements, differentiated in length (base to base) and diametral (centre of a base and centre of the ruler)? Thank you for your feedback.

The only thing that is measured from the centre as a diameter is the area of effect (coloured circle with a number inside) like the grenade you said (measuring from the base centre with the matching rule centre), the rest are measured from the front of the model’s base to the colour (2" per colour), the colours only represent the ruler lengths, it does not matter the geometry.
I don’t understand the reason for measuring presence twice (maybe did you mean reactions?)

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Hello DK-Dark, thank you for your support. Yes, of course I meant arweness. Unfortunately, I expressed myself wrongly.
Your statement with a coloured circle with a number inside helped me. That is important to me now.

Best regards Matze

Hey both,

So @DK-dark has it correct. You’d measure the AoE of something like a Grenade by placing the centre of a range ruler over the target, like in the example.

The other ranges would be measured from the base of a model, much like how you measure movement or ranged attacks.

Presence is measured like short and long range for a weapon. The Short Presence Range Ruler is placed in base contact with a model. The Long Presence Range Ruler is placed in contact with the far end of the Short Presence Range Ruler.

Hi Dark and Modiphius-Dom, Thank you very much for your support. I would like to praise you for helping so well in this way.

Now it is finally clear for me. One more reason to play this wonderful game. Great!

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