New Vegas expansion - Will it ever be restocked?

Maybe i’m out of the loop, but the New Vegas miniatures have not been restocked for a long time. What’s up with that?

I’ve always planned on purchasing them, but i’ve sat on my hands for too long, and now it seems they are being quietly left behind.

Apparently it wasn’t as popular as many in the community though it would be. So it might be quite low on the list for restock vs the more popular lines. They have limited production lines for sets. There might be a chance of it getting a plastic line instead which should help, other factions are getting plastic starters.

I’d have never guessed that. I was really excited to see NV themed stuff and would have loved to see more.

Hopefully they still come back to give the setting another pass, maybe around the time they get around to content for 1 & 2. Some plastics for both NCR and Legion would be very welcome in my collection.

I guess that’s the question. Are we talking low priority or dead heading for op.
Shame though. New Vegas certainly have a solid fan base.

With the next season of the Fallout featuring New Vegas im sure they will likely give the expansion a higher priority.