New Petty Enchantment for people to fiddle with

Got bored, made a thing. Was looking over the various and sundry damaging petty enchantments and thought this one up on the fly. Damage and effect-wise, it’s comparable to the Burning Liquid group at the top end, though it’s a tad weaker on the low end. Even comes with a tidbit of character story. Have fun with it!

Freezing Draught

Light Chill - D0: 2[CD]; Piercing 1, Stun

Bitter Chill - D1: 3[CD]; Piercing 2, Stun

Winter Chill - D2: 3[CD]; Persistent 1, Piercing 2, Stun

Deathly Chill - D3: 4[CD]; Persistent 1, Piercing 2, Spread 1, Stun

Glacial Chill - D4: 4[CD]; Persistent 1, Piercing 2, Spread 2, Stun

Void Chill - D5: 4[CD]; Persistent 1, Piercing 2, Spread 3, Stun, Vicious 1

Recently developed by a Hyperborean Warrior/Alchemist by the name of Lakash, this petty enchantment evolved from his long study of volatile liquids. While many of these are sought for their flammability, he noticed that, when they evaporated from an object, the surface became noticeably colder. After considerable experimentation, and no small number of dangerous setbacks, he managed to stabilize a liquid that evaporated with extreme rapidity, causing severe cold damage. In his most recent tests, he’s even noticed a tendency to fracture hard metals. He’s still studying that peculiarity…

(He hasn’t coined the term “thermal shock” yet. :slight_smile: )