Nemedia and its Kings

I am writing a mercenary campaign and I wondered what happened to King Nimed. As I understood the history he was king and was killed by his brother Tarascus, however Conan the Thief Gazetteer has indicated that the king is King Codrin Saldius.

Is there or will there be a timeline or is that something beyond the remit?

To be frank this is one of the things which made me upset while reading Thief.

I would not be too strict about using Codrin Saldius, if you do not like the name.

Nimed and Tarascus are both explicitly named by REH in Hour of the Dragon.
While “Codrin Saldius”…is maybe one of those made-up things (approved by REH scholars!) in a supposedly “pure REH” game …(please, correct me, if I’m wrong).
I know they had to fill gaps in the game, treating Nemedia in the moment when it was visited by Conan (as a young thief during “God in the Bowl”?), so maybe they did not know the king name of the time since REH did not tell it (Nimed and Tarascus are later, as Hour of the Dragon is much later…unless Nimed was very, very old when it was killed by Tarascus).
I guess that “Codrin” should therefore be before the reign of Nimed.

However, I feel that even if Modiphius’ conan game system is excellent, you should use the background material that you like (whether it is REH, Marvel comics, old Pastiche, etc…) and ignore what you dislike or what does not seem to make sense.

Codrin may be Nimed’s father or elder brother…or maybe he can even not exist at all.
REH never was so maniacally accurate like Tolkien, so you are free to choose whatever you want to choose!

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I also just use any pastiche material I think fits best, that is good advice. There’s more than one strange king in the material that doesn’t fit, and don’t get me started on the maps.

I agree totally. I find it a bit strange that they’ve so hyped this “no pastiche” stance when in fact there’s a ton of stuff they’ve added themselves. This is rather like the Adventures in Middle Earth game. I don’t care if they add material to fill in gaps and make the game more fun or interesting. Just don’t take a snobbish “superiority” stance claiming some kind of Howardian authenticity. In any case I don’t think he would have cared, since he was always cribbing and sharing with others. I’ve already picked up some of the Mongoose supplements, particularly the city ones (Messantia, Shadizar, Shem) to add more flavor to my campaign. Do whatever you and your group want to have fun and change what you need. After all those Nemedian Chronicles might all be forged anyhow…

Ok cheers. I am writing a full-on mercenary adventure that has strong connections and a finale in Nemedia. I have planned it prior to Tarascus usurping the throne, and just wanted to get an idea of the time. (in the main book it has Tarascus as king under the Gazetteer).