Nachtwolfe Scientist armour

I’m running Operation Vanguard now, and the scientists at the base have armour 4 and courage 4, which is much higher than the troopers or the pathfinder. The Major only has armour 2 and courage 3. Is this a mistake or is there some explanation that I missed?

Based on the Field Researcher in the GMs Guide I think, although can’t be sure, that Armour and Courage 1 would be more appropriate. I can see no reason for them to be so high in either the encounter or the stat block.

Maybe an uncaught typo?

Or were they 2/2 and are getting a +2 bonus for being close to their subjects? That doesn’t seem right either though.

Personally I’d go 1/1 as they don’t feel as tough or brave as the pioneers.


Thanks for the reply.

Taking your suggestion and looking in the GM guide, on the page before the Field Researcher there is an entry for Nachtwolfe Scientist. It has the stats as armour 1 and courage 1, as expected.