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My Fallout scenery

Here is some of my scenery, there are scratch built pieces as well as original modiphius stuff. Hope you like it.

The next one is made of pine bark

For the next I used a broken toy container I found on the street while walking around with my dogs.

Now a DM TTcombat house and the first toy car I customized

I made inner walls for it

This is the last stuff I recently made

The next is the last building I’m working on

And finally my last two projects

I’ll try to update any finished or new pieces. Thanks for watching!


The first picture is a ruined bricks wall made of PVC sprues, by the way.

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Wow great job. I especially like the car, did you accelerate rusting or paint it that way? I was thinking of doing something similar.

Thx man. I painted the car directly that way, I started with a fur brown coat from army painter and then painted the metal parts with citadel leadbelcher, after that I began the weathering with brown ink wash and sponge technique with different tones, and that’s all. XD

Very well finished. Shows a lot more attention to consistency and detail than I put into most of mine. I think I shall have to borrow that sprue bits as bricks idea. Up till now I would either free sculpt each brick (super tedious) or etch a surface with brick pattern. Your way seems better.

I also really like the combat house interior detailing and how you boarded up the windows and such. It would go great for a Night of the Living Dead type scenario.

Thank you very much. I just try to pay atention to details when I play Fallout 3 or 4, so I can get some ideas for my scenery. Working with sprue bits may be a bit tedious too but the results are quite realistic. For using sprues in scenery there are lots of videos in YouTube, it’s a great source of inspiration, I positively recommend It.

Hi. Very nice scenery. These gave me so much inspiration. Thanks.

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I always think people who make such great scenery must have really awesome games! I mostly play with my little boy so scenarios have to be simple and I need to lose. But between those bounds we have pretty great games.

Since the rules allow for co-op vs. AI play, you might try those. The AI is not horribly intelligent, like the games, although you would need to keep track of more things, which I have found the plethora of markers very helpful for. It tends to slow the play a but as well, so might not have the same immersion if your child is not the sit down type.