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My Adventure by Rew

Origionally posted on the old forum by Rew

I’ve run a couple of one shots but now I’ve started putting together something a bit more substantial. I just thought I’d share the plot I’m going for. Not started ship combat yet. If sharing this kind of stuff isn’t appropriate to share while in Alpha I’ll delete it. Anyways…

Episode One -The Rescuers
The away team is tasked with locating a missing a federation archaeologist Dr Ren Guo while the rest of the ship speed of to deliver much needed medical supplies. The away team beam down to the Cordia 2 Colony where they are met by the local administrator, Darrell Forgrave. He shows them to their accommodation and they meet some of the locals. Investigating Dr Guo’s office they discover a secured computer. With a bit of hacking the personal files within the computer identify where Guo went. On the way there they rescue some colonists that are under attack by some of the hostile wildlife, which they call Duggers. Using their tricorders they reach the dig site and discover an unknown group that at first pretend to be friendly, try to drug them and then attack them. They defeat their assailants but not before they activate a bomb to which the missing Dr Gou is chained under a tarp. With seconds on the clock the bomb is disarmed and the Doctor saved. Dr Gui explains that his kidnappers were searching for artefacts like the one he hid in his boot and mentioned a name, “Pardek”. Studying the artefact later reveals it to be an Iconian relic just as Dr Guo hypothesised. There could be hidden advanced technology all over the planet.
Combat Encounters 2
Extended Challenges 2
Timed Challenges 1

Episode Two –Pest Control
The team spends some time with the colonists before the administrator asks for their help against the Duggers. Their attacks are becoming much more frequent and, after the death of a mineralogist, much more deadly. If their numbers aren’t culled soon Forgrave worries there will be more fatalities. Giving them access to his off road buggy the team goes in search of the creatures. As they travel Duggers rise up from under the ground and attempt to cause the buggy to crash. A group of Durgers then try to attack them. Repairing the buggy they track the Duggers back to their den where they fight their way through to the “Mother”. Unlike the others the Mother is sentient and communicates with the away team. The team then broker a deal between the Duggers and the colonists or else the Mother attacks and fights to her last breath. From here on I assume there is peace between the Duggers and of “off worlders”.
Social Challenge 1
Combat Encounters 4
Extended Challenges 1

Episode Three –The Fly Trap
After T’Pek is approached about Romulans and or the name Pardek she gives the team directions to a cave where she claims to have seen Romulans but no one believed her. The rock prevents scans but once inside the tri-corders detect explosives in the moments before they’re detonated. Luckily, before they are crushed, the floor crumbles and the team fall downward. Through skill and luck some are injured but others aren’t. The party awake and find themselves inside not just a cavern, but an ancient Iconian facility. The same rock that prevents the tricorder scans also block communicators and the team are forced to look for a way out. After interacting with an artefact they unwittingly activate an automated guardian which attacks. Defeating it they traverse a number of other traps and automated defenders before discovering a locked security door. Bypassing its security protocols and using the power cell in one of their tricorders they manage top open the door and find, what appears to be an empty room. Once the team are inside however the room shoots upwards like a turbolift and opens onto an advanced manufacturing and replicating system. This is what is creating and replicating the automated defenders. A steady stream of automated defenders attack them until the team are finally able to deactivate the system. With the threat neutralised they locate an area of wall not too far from the surface. Using their phasers they carefully cut a path upwards and out of the facility, careful not to cause a cave in. But before they can make their way back to the colony the team is attacked by T’Pek and a group of Romulans, who are defeated with T’Pek taken prisoner.
Combat Encounters 4
Extended Challenges 3

Episode Four –The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing Part 1
As it turns out T’Pek is not her real name and neither she is a Vulcan, but in fact a Romulan. She mocks the team and tells them that “they’ll” be coming for her in force. To make matters worse something is jamming subspace communications from the planet. Dr Guo explains that it’s happened before and that they had assumed that the effect was caused by irregular excessive electrostatic discharges in the upper atmosphere. But now, all things considered, they think it could be intentional jamming. The effect previously only lasted a few days but since the effect is only planet bound Dr Guo gives the team free access to his shuttle to reach orbit if they want to communicate with Starfleet. However when the team try to use the civilian shuttle it’s shot down by heavy disruptor fire, surviving only due to their combined piloting skill. Inspecting the shuttle confirms the damage is from Romulan heavy disruptions. Without reinforcements the team prepare for the coming attack. As a frontier colony there are some rudimentary defences but, due to fire damage, the power cell that powers them need replacing for them to work. A Tellarite farmer by the name of Narsh Bofag lives outside of the colony and has compatible power cells. But even after paying him a visit, he refuses to part with it. The team consider taking it by force (the needs of the many…) but decide against it. Back at the colony they search for alternative ways of bringing the defences online and decide to strip the crashes shuttle. They come under fire but manage to remove the emergency power cells and the power converter and return them to the colony. Just as the Romulans attack the fences and automated turrets are brought online. The team and colonists manage to fight the Romulans back when Forgrave takes a boy hostage and orders that the away team and other colonists lay down their weapons. The team do and they are lined up in front of a Romulan firing squad… Que dramatic music… TO BE CONTINUED
Social Challange1
Extended Challenges 3
Combat Challenges 2

Episode Five –The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing Part 2
“The Starfleet is a friend to Mother.” Comes a psychic message as Duggers erupt from the ground and attack the firing squad. The team take up weapons again and defeat the Romulans and stun Forgrave. “You think you’ve saved them, but you’ve just killed everyone.” He says and explains that the Romulans have a base somewhere nearby. If they feel like they’ve irreversibly lost control of the situation they’ll erase all evidence they were ever here by using a self destruct protocol that’ll vaporise everything for a hundred miles or more. Dr Guo suggests that this hidden Romulan base could be the source of the jamming interference. While the colony doesn’t have typical sensors perhaps the weather monitoring equipment could be configured to find the interference’s source. The equipment is reconfigured and the location of the Romulan base in the nearby mountains discovered. They make their way there, defeat some sentries and infiltrate via a sealed and alarmed air duct. Inside Romulans are packing everything of value aboard two shuttles. There is a brief battle and they locate Commander Pardek standing on the shuttle, protected by its shields. He taunts the team and says they can either chase after him or deactivate the self destruct which takes four people. With that he flies away and the team can choose to either pursue Pardek in the other shuttle and retrieve the evidence that proves the Romulan’s involvement, or head to the command centre and deactivate the self destruct saving the colonists from certain death.
Extended Challenges 3
Combat Challenges 2

If they capture Pardek the Romulans claim that he is a rogue fugitive and acting without approval from the senate. This is obviously not true and Starfleet intelligence is keen to debrief him. The Romulan listening post was set up deep inside Federation space before the colony was founded seven years ago. After monitoring Dr Guo’s communications they couldn’t allow the Federation to acquire any advanced Iconian technology, which set the whole sequence of events in motion. Unfortunately the colonists are all died, including Dr Guo and the Iconian facility is destroyed. The loss of life is likely to be unacceptable to Starfleet command.

If the team disarm the self destruct, which doesn’t actually need 4 people, the colonists are all saved. The Iconian replication facility is of great interest to Starfleet which dispatch a group of scientists to study it. This eventually leads to the replicators as seen in TNG. However, Pardek escapes with all of the evidence proving that the Romulan Star Empire was directly responsible for the events on Cordia 2. Commander Pardek may return, potentially as a reoccurring villain.

Side Quests/In Between Session RP
I either add these in as side quests or play them over massager throughout the week between game time.

  1. A child has gone missing and with limited sensors the colonists are heading off in search parties. Attacked by some of the indigenous wildlife the find the boy in a cave with a Dugger which is hostile to the team. But before combat starts the boy explains that the Dugger was protecting him from the other predators. Reluctantly the Dugger lets the small off worlder leave with the bigger ones.
  2. An illness breaks out in town. The colonists blame the Duggers and form a mob which must be calmed. The source of the illness seams to be contaminated water. Investigating the colony’s reservoir they find a group of mercenaries armed with Romulan weapons contaminating the water supply. Defeating them they find that they’re carrying anti-toxins.
  3. There is a fire at the administrators building with colonists trapped inside. A lot of the colonies important systems are damaged an investigation reveals it to be arson.
  4. This is a two part episode with no RP in between…

Mercenaries have implants that cause lethal heart attacks if they’re downed by stun weapons. Such devices are employed by some special forces and criminal groups to prevent their soldiers from being captured. So even stunning some enemies means they die and can’t be interrogated. The implants can be detected by tri-corders.

Tricroder range isn’t infinite and limited to immediate surroundings unlike ships sensors.

If or when the shuttle is shot down make a point that the propulsion systems is destroyed but the power cells, life support and communications systems are still operational.