Down the rabbit hole

Building an adventure around Vaadwaur in Borg space, set some time after Voyager returns to Earth.

It starts with the hero ship delivering a huge industrial replicator to a new Federation colony in the northeast, between Romulan space and the Shackleton expanse. Just when they’ve got the package detached and ready to start moving down to the planet, another ship appears and steals it under tractor beam!

They give chase and identify it as a Vaadwaur ship from the Voyager database. Before they can try to shoot or tractor beam the ship to get the industrial replicator back, both ships enter a Borg transwarp conduit. As they figure out what’s going on, a Borg sphere pulls in behind them, cutting off escape. The Vaadwaur ship uses their expertise in subspace tunneling, activating a technobabble beam to melt into the wall of the conduit and avoid Borg detection. The hero ship has to keep running from the Borg.

Eventually the Borg ship stops chasing and takes a side corridor with no explanation. The Vaadwaur get away, and our heroes take an exit to find themselves deep in Borg space. Long range scans of nearby systems reveal planets full of Borg ruins, polluted to hell and stripped of resources. And a string of 10 or so stars with no sign of Borg at all.

The party is now stuck in the Delta quadrant, in an unexpectedly quiet region dead center in Borg space. As they explore this area, meet the species who live there, and fight Vaadwaur raiders, players will learn the hidden history of Borg origins. A history so tragic that the Queen herself dares not confront the memory.

Recovering the industrial replicator will likely take a back seat as they gather information to try making their trip home safely. If they play it right, they might just meet the descendants of a people the Borg used to be…

That’s what I’ve got so far without spoilers. I’ve already written the deep lore for Borg Origins. Just need to populate a few planets with random species, lay a trail of clues, and stat out Vaadwaur ships.


Maybe Picard season 2 will help with Borg Queen.
Since Voyager returned communication is possible.
An idea: some independent photonic (holographic) lifeforms, there were some episodes about them in Voyager, that were fleeing photonic wars and survived in Borg space (difficult to assimilate light)
Some former unimatrix zero that have taken control of their Cube.

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