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Multiple Re-rolls

So, I’m sure I read this in some 2d20 book somewhere, but, I can’t seem to find it now. So, here’s my question: If you have 2 or more talents that give you a re-roll, do they stack?

Example: Character has the Black Widow and Smooth Talker talents, each providing 1d20 re-roll. So if that character is trying to influence a male NPC , would they be able to re-roll 2d20? Or only 1d20?


A.f.a.i.k you can reroll more than one die on a check but each die can only be rerolled once.

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If you can reroll 1d20 from multiple Talents, it is your choice which die - if any - you want to reroll. You can reroll a die only once, and you must keep the reroll result.
So, if you roll 2d20, and if you are allowed to reroll 1d20 from two Talents, you might reroll both dice, but you cannot reroll one die, see if you like the result and then reroll it, if you don’t like it.

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Ok, thank you. That’s what I was thinking, but, couldn’t find a rule anywhere.

what page is this on?

It’s under Luck on page 21. While it doesn’t specifically say the one time re-roll is across the board for all sources, it’s certainly a better way to handle things.

Re-rolls are handled that way in all other 2d20 RPGs since Mutant Chronicles 3.
Any dice re-rolled, no matter if those are d20s for skill tests or damage dice, can not be re-rolled again. The new result is the final one.

Sure, it would make things more clear if that was not only stated under Luck, but for all those talent or combat maneuver (like Aim) based re-rolls in some other, more central place.

thanks for the info