Mr. Tims & Rousing - when can it be used, and how often?

Title pretty much says it all.

Mr. Tims’ “Rousing” rule doesn’t specify when he can activate this ability (on his turn? on another model’s turn? whenever you want? etc.) and how often (once per activation? once per game? once per another models activation? etc.)

It also doesn’t specify what type of models this ability can be applied to (friendly, hostile, neutral). As written now, he can apply it to any model within presence range of blue.

Seams like the game could benefit from another action along the lines of “Use Ability” and then have a way to define unit abilities and perks as active, passive, or during setup.

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Ack ack have same ability, it works like items (gears, food, chems…), once per activation.


Rousing is once per activation and only on Friendly models.


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Cheers, thanks as always!