Movie-era play, anyone tried it?

There is, in fact, a Kzinti officer on the Cerritos.

You sure? The doc is explicitly catian, and the only cat person I’ve noticed (but I could easily have missed it.) Episode number would be nice, too…

Shows up in several episodes in at least the second season. Is one of the “career ensigns” groups Boimler hangs around with in the episode where the rest of the lower decks ensigns need to collect artifacts.

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Given that Lower Decks has been explicitly considered part of the “Prime Universe”, googling the imagees… those are indeed Kzinti ears and fangs… but the body shape was what likely caused me to miss them…

If Enterprise and Discovery can be canon, then anything can be canon. :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

Anyway, it’s your game so you get to pick and choose what you want to include/exclude as long ss you give the players a heads up.


I’ve had a couple of Kzinti guest-star in my movie era games. I work on the basis that they’ve been effectively quarantined by the Federation as they’re too violent to interact with other species. Evidently by LD period, they’ve been rehabilitated.

What’s interesting to me, given that both species are major powers in SFU, is that canon SNW Gorn are very similar to my interpretation of Kzinti!

Regarding the Kzinti wars, according to TAS, they took place two centuries earlier - so approximately 2065… Which is difficult to justify. I have them as very small scale conflicts (ie an extended series of skirmishes involving half-a-dozen ships is being called a war), taking place around 20 years later as Earth begins its first faltering steps into space following First Contact with the Vulcans. The wars end when the Kzinti homeworld gets devastated by an asteroid impact - the idea that an early counterpart to Section 31 may have been experimenting with alien artefacts that could generate wormholes is purely a conspiracy theory…

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