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Movie-era play, anyone tried it?

It would to be fun to play in that era. I even made a character sheet for it.

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Yep, one of my favorite campaigns was set 2285-87 (STII - IV -ish). Love that era, and playing a captain in that setting is a ton of fun. I’m hoping we get some more art and resources for the setting in the future, maybe even in the TOS tricorder set later this year.

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We’re playing in the late 2270s, between TMP and Wrath of Khan. In our campaign Epsilon IX was one of several stations keeping an eye on the Klingons since there were indications the Organians were no longer enforcing the treaty. While a new Epsilon station is being built to plug the hole, USS Harrier, along with USS Harbinger and USS Hathor, will be taking up patrol stations to cover the intelligence gap.

NOTE: D’oh! I responded to this back in December.


Is it somewhere we can check it out?

Do share, please.

Back in the 80s and early 90s, with the FASA Star Trek RPG, we played heavily during the Movie era. Haven’t run anything during that time frame with STA, though it does get me thinking toward exploring the Federation after the loss of Kirk to the Nexus at the beginning of Generations.

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It was in the original sticky that got brought over form the old forums. probably lost in the depths now. il make a new post with the links for everything.


I’m currently feeling people out for a new game and there’s a good chance it might be set in the original film era, or maybe just after The Undiscovered Country, partly because I got some cheap used Star Trek novels (Cast No Shadow, Forged in Fire, The Sundered, and Serpents Among the Ruins) set in that timeframe and they’ve been fun to read, plus it’s a fairly blank canvas aside from a few events.

It also doesn’t hurt that I have Star Trek Attack Wing miniatures of Constitution refit, Miranda, Excelsior, and Oberth starships we can use. The only thing I don’t have is any idea what starships the Romulans were using in that era as I don’t think they were ever depicted.

Anybody got any info on Romulan starships of the 2270s-2290s or thereabouts (I think those are the official dates)?

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Since there is so little canonical info, I’d probably go with an enhanced D7 spaceframe, adding a few refits as appropriate. Somewhere in that timeframe, the Romulans must have transitioned from the D7s to the precursor of the D’Deridex, but I don’t think I can recall any beta canon that has illustrated that transition.


The maroon movie uniforms are actually my favorite, and I always wanted to explore this era. I think its a great era for roleplaying, since the past and future are fixed and well known, but you have about 50 years of freedom to shape your galaxy and getting things from there to here.

I’m usually a TNG fan, but in this era the captain can still go on away missions :slight_smile:


“Personally, I tend to consider TMP as the finale of TOS, as it feels much more like part of the TV series, …”

Not me. Shatner… changed somewhere between TOS and TMP, and I think it was a head-on collision with the fans. There was a LOT of truth in that skit done on SNL, Heck, I used to belong to a Star Trek club and I could put names to all the faces in the SNL “audience”.

For 2270s to 2290s, I fall back on FASA for the visuals of the Romulan ships, and I’d add the Bird of Prey refit we saw in Picard, kind of the Romulan balance to the Constitution refit and the K’t’inga evolution of the D7.

For stats/space frame details, some of the Romulans of that era would be equipped with photons instead of plasma if one follows FASA’s design notes. Somewhere on these boards i remember seeing some write-ups for these ships. (If you look up the Z-1 Nova battleship, it does kind of hint toward the D’deridex.

Personal head canon says at that era, the Romulans are still using matter/antimatter like the Klingon ships they were influenced by, with the singularity cores coming online sometime between the Tomed Incident and TNG.

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I don’t play STO, but I cheerfully raid it for visuals, and there are some Romulan designs there that can fill in the 2270s-2300s decades. Start with their Thrai-class warbird, which has a very TOS aesthetic but also hints at the D’deridex’s split hull:

The Malem class is supposed to be a 24th-century ship, but I think it can work as a movie-era bird-of-prey, maybe a little later than the PIC bird-of-prey redesign:

I love FASA’s Winged Defender to death, and it suits the movie-era aesthetic perfectly, but I have a harder time tying it into the longer continuity. But I might use it anyway because it’s so…cool.


Take a look at Nero’s Scimitar. Maybe that movie actually is good for something. :wink:

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This is where I have to come out as “pretty lukewarm on John Eaves’ design work.”

I have been using my FASA Ship Recognition Manual books quite a bit as I much prefer their designs and ideas to a lot of what Paramount and/or CBS have come up with.

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Incidentally, I’m working with Mephit James of Continuing Mission to publish 18 FASA ships with my conversion to STA stats. The classes of ships are as follows:

Andor-class Missile Cruiser (an Andorian “Blue Fleet” ship)
Anton-class science cruiser (the TOS precursor to the Oberth-class, essentially)
Baker-class destroyer
Charger-class destroyer (an upgraded Remora-class escort with better engines and weapons)
Kiev-class fast-response frigate (a failed precursor to the Northampton and Chandley class frigates)
Larson-class destroyer
Loknar-class frigate (an Andorian “Blue Fleet” ship)
Northampton-class fast-response frigate
Remora-class escort
Thufir-class destroyer (an Andorian “Blue Fleet” ship)
Ticonderoga-class light cruiser (a Starfleet anti-piracy vessel)
Wilkerson-class destroyer (a TMP era Saladin/Hermes with 2 nacelles in an up-down configuration)
Klingon D-10 Riskadh-class assault cruiser
Romulan V-7 “Whitewind”
Romulan V-11 “Stormbird”
Romulan V-30 “Winged Defender”
Romulan V-33 “Thunderbird” (a fanship from Brad Torgersen’s Star Trek Starship Tactical Combat Simulator)
Romulan Z-1 “Nova” battleship

The Federation ships will be published soon in installments at Continuing Mission in a few weeks; the Klingon D-10 and the Romulan ships will follow soon after.


Where will the conversions be available ?

Probably at Continuing Missions? :wink:

Yeah, they’ll be published in 4 installments of 4 to 5 ships over the next few weeks at Continuing Mission (see the link in my above post). Here’s the groupings:

Group 1: 1) Andor, 2) Thufir, 3) Loknar, 4) Ticonderoga, 5) Wilkerson

Group 2: 1) Remora, 2) Charger, 3) Northampton, 4) Kiev

Group 3: 1) Baker, 2) Anton, 3) Larson, 4) Klingon D-10 Riskadh

Group 4: 1) Romulan V-7 “Whitewind”, 2) Romulan V-11 “Stormbird”, 3) Romulan V-30 “Winged Defender”, 4) Romulan V-33 “Thunderbird”, 5) Romulan Z-1 “Nova”

As for when each of these installments will be published at CM, that’s up to Mephit James, the guy who runs the CM website. Hopefully, it won’t be longer than a few weeks. The good news is, I just submitted the final drafts of all 18 PDFs to MJ just last night after working on them for the past couple of months. I researched each starship from their respective FASA ship recognition manuals as well as researching them at Memory Beta.

I like to think that I came up with compelling backstories for each class even if they don’t exactly mesh with their original FASA write-ups. But then again, all those FASA write-ups were rendered non-canon by TNG. I gave each ship a backstory that (I like to think) is at least “canon-adjacent,” by which I mean their stories could be plausible enough to not directly violate canon.

And just so you guys know, for my more favorite ships in this list, I included variants that were brought out of mothballs and refitted in 2374 to fight in the Dominion War so you can use these ships in a “modern day” campaign. I’m especially proud of the Shran-class, which is an Andor-class missile cruiser with 8 torpedo launchers that were all modified to fire quantum torpedoes. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Founders!

I’ll post again here when the first Continuing Mission FASA Fleet article is up. Hopefully it won’t be more than a couple of weeks. Stay tuned.

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