Movie-era play, anyone tried it?

Probably at Continuing Missions? :wink:

Yeah, they’ll be published in 4 installments of 4 to 5 ships over the next few weeks at Continuing Mission (see the link in my above post). Here’s the groupings:

Group 1: 1) Andor, 2) Thufir, 3) Loknar, 4) Ticonderoga, 5) Wilkerson

Group 2: 1) Remora, 2) Charger, 3) Northampton, 4) Kiev

Group 3: 1) Baker, 2) Anton, 3) Larson, 4) Klingon D-10 Riskadh

Group 4: 1) Romulan V-7 “Whitewind”, 2) Romulan V-11 “Stormbird”, 3) Romulan V-30 “Winged Defender”, 4) Romulan V-33 “Thunderbird”, 5) Romulan Z-1 “Nova”

As for when each of these installments will be published at CM, that’s up to Mephit James, the guy who runs the CM website. Hopefully, it won’t be longer than a few weeks. The good news is, I just submitted the final drafts of all 18 PDFs to MJ just last night after working on them for the past couple of months. I researched each starship from their respective FASA ship recognition manuals as well as researching them at Memory Beta.

I like to think that I came up with compelling backstories for each class even if they don’t exactly mesh with their original FASA write-ups. But then again, all those FASA write-ups were rendered non-canon by TNG. I gave each ship a backstory that (I like to think) is at least “canon-adjacent,” by which I mean their stories could be plausible enough to not directly violate canon.

And just so you guys know, for my more favorite ships in this list, I included variants that were brought out of mothballs and refitted in 2374 to fight in the Dominion War so you can use these ships in a “modern day” campaign. I’m especially proud of the Shran-class, which is an Andor-class missile cruiser with 8 torpedo launchers that were all modified to fire quantum torpedoes. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Founders!

I’ll post again here when the first Continuing Mission FASA Fleet article is up. Hopefully it won’t be more than a couple of weeks. Stay tuned.

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point taken, some time I do miss the blindingly obvious

First Group of FASA ships have been published at Continuing Mission!

Group 1: 1) Andor, 2) Thufir, 3) Loknar, 4) Ticonderoga, and 5) Wilkerson can be found for download here!

Group 2 should be up in a few days!

EDIT: Also, I forgot to mention: I’ve added a couple more FASA Klingon ships in addition to the D-10. I’ve just added the L-24 “Ever Victorious” battleship and the D-18 “Gull” destroyer. Both of those will be in Group Three (while the Anton-class science cruiser has been moved to Group Two).


Well done on those conversions. I have a few of those FASA manuals and had considered doing exactly what you did…now I don’t have to. Thanks!

For further updates on my FASA conversions, head to this thread. Group Three consisting of the Anton science cruiser, the Baker destroyer, the Larson destroyer and Ranger scout ship is going to be published at Continuing Mission on Monday, July 26 (if nothing unforseen happens). Follow the above link for further updates. Group 2 was published a few days ago and you can find the link for it at that thread as well.

Group 4, consisting of the Klingon ships D-10 Riskadh assault cruiser, D-18 Gull destroyer and L-24 Ever Victorius battleship, should be up at CM in a couple of weeks.

LeonardMcCoy, I know you’ll be interested to hear this: the five FASA Romulan ships I converted (V-7 Whitewind, V-11 Stormbird, V-30 Winged Defender, V-33 Thunderbird [non-canon fanship], and Z-1 Nova) will be in Group Five, which should be published at Continuing Mission in a few weeks.

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Fantastic–the Anton and Larson were two of my favorite FASA classes.

Very cool–I’ll have to check that out. Been busy for a few months so I’m way out of date.

The beauty of ST:A! The person playing the Captain can let his XO (Number One, First Officer, whatever) run the show for a change and play an NPC. I think that mechanic is absolutely brilliant! That way the Captain doesn’t get to dominate the entire game.

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On this subject, can someone tell me why there is not one piece of art from the movie era in any of the STA books? This sort of complete omission usually points to a rights issue, but I was wondering if anyone knew the definitive reason.

As far as I know, Modiphius does have the license for the movie era. Regarding artwork, I heard @Modiphius-Jim talking about sharing with other licensees. So maybe the issue is that the other companies Modiphius is working with don’t do the movie era themselves.

Yet, this is all speculation. But the aforementioned benevolent line manager has offered the occasional Q&A video and this is a question that sounds just right for that category. If you won’t find an answer in this thread, maybe try out the form you’ll find behind the link. :slight_smile:

Besides: Welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

Away from my books right now…but there’s quite a bit of movie-era art in there, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about…

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You might want to look again. There are a number of movie-era art pieces scattered through the various products.

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I hate to admit I have never seen all the TAS episodes. About the only oone I remember is the Slaver Stasis Box, featuring the Kzinti. I note you have a peripheral area that would be perfect for their inclusion on your map for the game - well done!

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I still have to watch the TAS series; I never got around to it. I never really considered TAS as part of canon, but is it considered official canon now?

I didn’t realize until relatively recently that the yellow splotch labeled “The Patriarchy” that’s 2 sectors northwest of the Romulan empire was supposed to be the Kzinti Patriarchy. Let’s hear it for Writing Around Trademarks!

As for setting a campaign during the Kzinti Wars (holy damn, three of them took place in the 100 years between the Earth-Romulan War and the 2260s?), I have both United Earth ships and the older Starfleet classes of that era like the Walker and Shepard classes in starship PDF form that can be downloaded here. The DISC era ships are the first 11 ships in the list; the Enterprise era ships are alphabetically listed under the letter “UE” (for United Earth) and found near the bottom of the list of PDFs. Enjoy!

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Kind of. It seems Gene Roddenberry did not want it to be canon, but several shows including New Trek use it as a resource.

See Star Trek: The Animated Series | Memory Alpha | Fandom

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Some TAS-specific species are included in STA (e.g. the Aurelians, Edosians – the canonical status of Caitians is more complicated) So the game clearly acknowledges TAS.


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Not with STA, but the post 5YM to Motionless Picture era was my preferred for FASA-Trek. (and for SFU, I prefer Y167, pre general war).

I have used the SFU Y167 era in one STA campaign, which is 10 years after the Cestus 3 incident, so just on the transition from pastels to Maroons (but in the “official SFU”, no such changes happen, as their license includeth movies not.)

So, sort of…

the canonical status of Caitians is more complicated) So the game clearly acknowledges TAS.

No, it’s not. Canonized by Lower Decks. Major character - the Ship’s doctor, Dr. T’Ana ¹

It’s the Kzinti that are dubious… but are mentioned by name in Pic: Napenthe.

I expect a lower decks or Prodigy appearance to round them out…

1: T'Ana | Memory Alpha | Fandom

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Good for you Nathan! If you need help writing sourcebook for the era, let me know. I have no experience, am a passablw writer,(I thought the “w” was funny!) but I deeply love the game and all forms of Trek!

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