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More £££ in Modiphuis' coffers

Just bought Core, 3 three dice sets (gorgeous), and GM screen. May get more stuff next pay day… may not (yeah right!)


I’m getting ready to buy the three “era” sourcebooks. I may never get to play the thing, but I’ll own it! :slight_smile:

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Exactly…times change and so have my gaming groups… The ones I play with at the mo though are always up for anything. I renamed Conan as Conan: Sh_ts & Giggles On An Age Undreamed Of… We renamed FFG Edge as Star Wars: Sh_ts & Giggles… no matter what we play we’re never too serious, no powergamers or metagamers. It’s taken a few years to find players like this, so I view every session as a gift…

JCoM: Sh_ts & Giggles On the Dying World Of Barsoom… there’s a theme regardless of the system or setting :rofl: