New dice only £3?

Is the new mutant chronicles dice set really only £3?

All things MC is 50% now, due to license sold back to Cabinet Holdings. Sad news is that there won’t be more MC 3e products from Modi now. And future will tell what will happen to the great game and setting i 2022 and onwards. Hopefully we’ll see a continuation of the 3e 2d20 system (really underrated ttrpg). We might see a new edition though, apparantly that might happen when a new team takes over the rights.


I shame. I have all the books and those dice are a steal!

Dice looks nice indeed. Hopefully we’ll see a continuation of the current game. I’ve bought a few books, but really wanted to get hold of Mishima Sourcebook, though only digital left it seems.

Ouch, went to grab some but shipping to me was 36$ egads! heh. :slight_smile:

50%…I checked the store to see what else was 50%… yup, today was pay day so I just bulk bought hardcopies of most stuff… the ‘Starter Bundle’ and all the sourebooks…I’ll defo reskin for a more wh40k feel but I’m also thinking a Doom/Serious Sam/BroForce game… years ago my sons, who are both now adult, found my Star Wars figures. In the bag was a single combat verteran from another setting and a Tonka mechanic… they came up with the names Johnny Cougar and his Ace mechanic Melvin Banjo. It seems only fair that I throw those two in as Major NPCs somewhere :rofl:


Those certainly sound lke MC3 characters! Nice!

And can confirm that, while even UK postage cost more than the dice, they’re pretty good quality, and more clearly legible than my set of generic red-on-black polyhedra.