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Momentum, individual or group?

I’ll be starting my Infinity game later this week and I’m curious about other people’s experiences with the different ways of handling momentum. For those that have tried both individual and group momentum, which did you prefer? For those that have only used one or the other, were there any specific reasons you chose the one you did?

Another question, specifically about individual momentum rule… In the advanced rule pop out box on page 33 it says that the momentum can be spent “at any time to assist the actions of other player characters…”. During the Modiphius Plays videos they said that those momentum points could not be spent to directly affect another player’s, but could be used to boost a roll that was being made to assist another character’s action. Just curious for those that have used the individual momentum rule, which way did you go with it and did it work out?

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For my part i use group momentum. My players play vastly different characters, and using the group momentum allow them access to momentum no matter if they are good at something or not, because someone else is likely to generate momentum for the group even if they don’t. It also limit the total of momentum in play, from 6 time the number of players to 6 maximum.


I have not used the individual momentum rules. Having GMed quite a few sessions of Infinity, I can say that I would be scared to do so.
My players realize the strength of Heat, and they strive to give me the least amount of Heat possible. In contrast, it’s relatively easy for players to accumulate Momentum. Using group momentum, as a GM you’re dealing with your own unlimited Heat pool which starts at 6, versus a group momentum pool with a maximum of 6. If you go to individual momentum, then as a GM, you have a single pool of heat against a possible 24 points of momentum!
As a GM, I typically run out of Heat during a scene, and when I run out of Heat, the players have considerably more freedom!
As far as the rulebook goes - I think the confusion comes from using individual momentum for the “Create Opportunity” momentum spend, versus the “Group Test” rules on page 31.
No offense to the Modiphius Plays videos (I’m so happy they did that!) but they got some rules wrong.
If you are using individual momentum, there are two ways you can assist your ally. You can spend a point of momentum from your pool for “Create Opportunity” and give him an extra d20. Or you can use the Group Test rules, pick a relevant skill, and roll a single dice to assist the person.
To confuse matters, you could spend individual momentum on your assist to the Group Test rules, but keep in mind, even with individual momentum pools, you’re only allowed to get a total of +3 d20 dice for the test. Individual momentum rules allow you to spend a max of 6 momentum, but you could only use 3 of those for bonus dice.

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