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Mixed-race Martians

Okay, we know the Reds, Okar and Firstborn are capable of siring children. As for John’s kids, they’re generally portrayed as being somewhat lighter-skinned than normal Red Martians. But what about other mixes?

For instance, would Red + Okar = Orange Martian?

I’m asking because I’ve thought of developing a character who’s the offspring of a Red Male and Firstborn female. I’m just having trouble picturing how they’d look. Possibly like one of the Firstborn, but with lighter skin?

Any ideas?

As the Reds are the result of interbreeding between the other races of martians in the ancient past the physical features would probably favor the red parent. In game terms, there are special talents for mixed heritage characters in the Jeddak of Jeddaks book. Red/Firstborns get Master of the Air grade 1